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T-Medical Group Inc. Expansion Into European Cannabis Market

New York, NY, March 18, 2024 –T-Medical Group Inc. (T-Medical), a leading medical technology provider with a well-established presence in the cannabis industry through its ownership of Telaleaf Health GmbH ( &, a Berlin-based cannabis telemedicine company, today announced a strategic expansion into the burgeoning European cannabis market. This bold move positions T-Medical to capitalize on the immense growth potential alongside established cannabis companies currently allocating significant resources towards Europe

T-Medical Leverages Telaleaf’s Success to Fuel European Expansion

T-Medical’s expansion leverages the proven success of Telaleaf Health, a pioneer in cannabis-based telemedicine. Telaleaf’s established presence in Germany, a leader in the European cannabis market, provides T-Medical with a strong foundation for further growth. By capitalizing on Telaleaf’s experience and expertise, T-Medical is poised to become a major player in the rapidly evolving European cannabis landscape.

European Cannabis Market Poised for Explosive Growth

The European cannabis market is experiencing explosive growth, fueled by a combination of factors:

● Increasing patient demand: Medical professionals are recognizing the potential of cannabis for various medical conditions, leading to a rise in patient demand.
● Evolving regulatory frameworks: Several European countries are implementing or revising cannabis regulations, opening doors for market expansion.
● Growing societal acceptance: Public perception of cannabis is shifting towards acceptance, creating a more favorable environment for the industry.

T-Medical Embarks on Strategic Capital Raise in Europe

To capture a significant share of this rapidly growing market, T-Medical is strategically raising capital in Europe. Industry estimates suggest the European cannabis market could reach €35 billion annually, with Germany as the current front-runner due to its established regulatory framework and large patient base. The funds raised will be used for:

● Expansion into key European markets: T-Medical will focus on establishing a strong presence in countries with favorable regulatory environments and high patient demand.
● Acquisitions: The company will explore strategic acquisitions of complementary businesses to accelerate its growth and broaden its product and service offerings.
● Technology development: T-Medical will continue to invest in cutting-edge medical technology solutions specifically tailored to meet the evolving needs of the European cannabis market.

T-Medical’s Advantages Position it for Success

T-Medical is well-positioned to capitalize on the European cannabis market opportunity due to its unique advantages:

● First-mover advantage: By proactively raising funds and focusing on Europe, T-Medical can secure a significant market share before competition intensifies.
● Proven expertise: Telaleaf’s success in Germany demonstrates T-Medical’s understanding of the European cannabis market and its ability to navigate the regulatory landscape.
● Cutting-edge technology: T-Medical’s commitment to innovation ensures it can deliver the latest medical technology solutions to optimize patient care within the European cannabis industry.
● Seasoned leadership team: The company’s leadership boasts a proven track record of success and the deep expertise necessary to navigate the intricacies of the European medical cannabis landscape.


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