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Alice Palmeri Talks on Benefits of Massage Therapy for Chidren

Portland, OR, March 18, 2024 — Alice Palmeri, LMT presented information on therapeutic massage for kids and teens at Awake Wellness Center in Portland, Oregon. Palmeri talked about the benefits of massage for kids from babies to teens. She highlighted how bodywork can help improve bodily pain, reduce stress, decrease symptoms of ADHD, and even help with anxiety and depression.

Alice Palmeri has works in southwest Portland at Alice Palmeri, LMT in private practice where she sees clients ranging from newborns to the elderly. When asked about why children need massage, she explained, “Today’s kids are way too busy, often going from the time they get up to when they go to bed. They rearely get a chance to relax and just be kids. And on top of that, they’ve just experienced the trauma of a pandemic. When they come for their session, it’s a time for them to learn to relax, which every kid needs to know in order to regulate their emotions, mature, and stay healthy. “

During her talk, Palmeri spoke about the importance of therapeutic touch, breathwork, craniosacral therapy, and massage in aiding in many common childhood issues. Afterwards, Palmeri answered quesitons from parents and other practioners ranging from craniosacral therapy for breastfeeding issues to pediatric massage for anxiety.


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