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Tiffany Rebar’s Newly Released Welcome Home Melanie Mae

Tiffany Rebar’s Newly Released Welcome Home Melanie Mae

Yorktown, VA, March 18, 2024 –“Welcome Home Melanie Mae”: a lighthearted tale of fun and enjoyment. “Welcome Home Melanie Mae” is the creation of published author, Tiffany Rebar, a dedicated wife and mother.

Rebar shares, “Melanie Mae’s beautiful smile and loving character will delight children as they read about her adventures in a new home. Melanie Mae encourages learning as she goes through the days of the week with her new family. With the amazing imagination of two girls, who happily welcomed her into their family, Melanie Mae can do anything. Their days are filled with fun and excitement as they do photo shoots, dance, dress-up, go on a safari, and much more. Melanie Mae is happy to find a place where she can be the unique, silly giraffe that she truly is. She finally found a place where she belongs.

“I hope you fall in love with the giraffe’s fun-loving character in the same way my family has enjoyed going on these adventures in their home with Melanie Mae, a large stuffed giraffe. The rhyming and repetitive nature of this book will promote learning and language concepts while encouraging imaginative play in the younger child. This warmhearted and fun book will provide entertainment and enhance imaginations for years to come.”


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