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US based Zyvka Partners with MyGALF in India to Enhance Workplace Wellness for Startups

8th May, 2024: Zyvka, a Silicon Valley-based Integrated Startup Services Platform, has announced a strategic partnership with MyGALF, a pioneering wellness-tech startup, to integrate comprehensive wellness solutions into Zyvka’s service offerings for startups. This collaboration aims to support startups in creating healthier work environment and promoting employee well-being as a core aspect of their business strategy.

Amber Srivastava, CEO of Zyvka Global Services, emphasized the growing importance of workplace well-being, stating, “Well-being has become a critical strategic priority for startups post-COVID. Companies are striving not only to offer career growth but also to ensure a healthy lifestyle for their teams through meaningful well-being initiatives. Our partnership with MyGALF is a step towards making wellness a rewarding and integral part of our human capital services.”

Key Highlights of the Partnership:

Enhanced Wellness Offerings: Through its partnership with MyGALF, Zyvka will incorporate a holistic wellness ecosystem into its HR services, providing tailored wellness practices designed specifically for startups and high-growth companies.

Focus on Employee Well-being: Aligning with findings from a recent Mindspace survey, which showed that 82% of employees expect their employers to support their well-being, this partnership ensures startups can meet these expectations effectively.

Strategic Growth and Recognition: MyGALF, recognized as a UN SDG-aligned impact-driven wellness-tech startup at the Vibrant Goa Global Tech Summit 2024, brings proven expertise and innovative sustainability development goals aligned solutions to the table.

Amber Srivastava further highlighted the potential impact of this collaboration: “By integrating MyGALF’s wellness solutions into our platform, we are poised to make a significant difference in the startup ecosystem in India and beyond. We aim to positively impact the lives of the nearly 1.1 to 1.2 million employees directly employed by Indian tech startups.”

Amit Vasistha Founder MyGALF and Co-Convenor of CII Maharashtra Start-up Special Task Force mentioned “ We are delighted with this partnership and are committed to create significant impact in Start-up India. Indian tech-start-ups itself directly employ close to 11-12 lakh employees and we aim to make a tangible impact in lives of as many as possible.”


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