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Unacademy Announces the Launch of Unacademy Stars – The Biggest Launchpad for Educators

Mumbai, June 12, 2024 – Unacademy, India’s largest learning platform, is thrilled to announce the launch of the Unacademy Stars, an exclusive training program designed to nurture the next generation of Top Educators. This initiative aims to empower young, passionate and driven individuals to shape the future of Indian education. Program Overview: Unacademy Stars, which has been launched the intake for its summer 2024 cohort is a one-of- a-kind program tailored to help educators and aspiring educators excel in guiding students through crucial exams such as JEE, NEET UG, UPSC CSE, GATE, CAT, NET, CA, Judiciary Exams, CLAT, Class 6-8, and Foundation (Class 9-12). Participants selected through the three stage application process will undergo a 12-week training program in Bengaluru.

 Application Process: The selection process aims to identify candidates with exceptional teaching potential:
● Round 1 – Application Form: June 10 – 17
○ Submit your application online, detailing your educational background and teaching interests.
● Round 2 – Online Assessment: June 24 – 26
○ Subject matter experts will evaluate your teaching and presentation skills via a virtual call.
● Round 3 – Online 1-1 Interview: June 30 – July 03
○ Assessments of your subject fundamentals, teaching, and soft skills.
● Final Selection and Relocation: July 15
○ Upon selection, candidates will relocate to Bengaluru to commence training.

Training and Development: The 12-week intensive program is designed to transform selected individuals into top- tier educators:
● Mentorship: Guidance from Unacademy’s leading educators.
● Guest Lectures: Weekly sessions with experienced Educators, creators and industry experts.
● Hands-on Experience: Regular practice sessions and real-time feedback.
● Team Building: Engaging in outdoor adventures, creative workshops and social events.

Program Phases:
● Month 1: Foundation Building
○ Personality development workshops and innovative teaching techniques.
● Month 2: Skill Enhancement
○ Specialized on-camera training, advanced presentation techniques, and proficiency in educational technologies.
● Month 3: Marketing and Personal Branding
○ Creating engaging content, managing YouTube channels, and delivering high-quality educational content.

Benefits and Perks:
● Competitive Compensation: Fixed salary of ₹10 LPA, potentially increasing to ₹20-25 LPA based on performance after one year.
● Top Educator Contract: One-year contract with Unacademy post-training.
● Community and Networking: Building connections with like-minded individuals and becoming part of a large educator community.
● Special Benefits: Complimentary accommodation for the first 15 days, a laptop, and an onboarding kit. Join the Unacademy Stars Program: This program offers a unique opportunity for aspiring Educators to develop their skills and make a significant impact on the education sector in India. Applications are now open until June 17, 2024.


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