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This Father’s Day, Gift Your Dad the Joy of Music with Philips Audio Range

New Delhi, June 11, 2024: Fathers are the pillars that support our lives, and there’s no better way to celebrate them than by filling their world with the transcendent power of music. This Father’s Day, TPV Technology brings you an exquisite range of Philips soundbars, party speakers, and headphones designed to elevate every listening experience into an extraordinary journey of sound.

Philips TAB8947 Dolby Atmos Soundbar

From best in class soundbars that amplify the home theater experience to premium headphones that transport listeners through sonic realms, Philips’ latest audio lineup presents the ultimate musical companion tailored to every dad’s distinct preferences.

By infusing a touch of nostalgia, TPV Technology also announces the launch of the retro-inspired TAS2218 and TAS2228 Bluetooth speakers, seamlessly fusing vintage aesthetics with contemporary wireless audio technology. Whether he’s basking in the glory of bygone eras or exploring uncharted musical horizons, both the speakers guarantee that Dad’s celebration resonates with harmonies that captivate his soul this Father’s Day.


1. Philips TAB8967: The Philips TAB8967 soundbar boasts a unique geometric design and a slim build, making it a convenient option to place under or beside your television. This soundbar comes with 5.1.2 channels, a wireless subwoofer, and 2 rear speakers while having 780W sound output. The user gets the option to stream hi-res playlists from their mobile device using Chromecast, Google, Apple AirPlay 2, or Bluetooth. Additionally, Dolby Atmos surround sound technology complimented with a 4K pass-through ensures seamless connection of 4K HDR video sources without any loss of resolution, making it ideal for movies and gaming. With multiple connectivity options like HDMI, Audio In and Optical In, it seamlessly integrates with all your audio sources. For easy voice control over music and more, it works with Google Assistant making life easier.

2. Philips TAB8947: Immerse yourself in a cinematic dimension of audio with this powerful 3.1.2 channel soundbar delivering an intense 660W sound output. It envelops you in crystal-clear sound with Dolby Atmos surround sound technology giving an immersive feel that seems to flow all around. The wireless subwoofer adds deep, room-shaking bass for an utterly engulfing experience that makes you feel every effect. With multiple connectivity options like Bluetooth, HDMI, Audio In and Optical In, it seamlessly integrates with all entertainment sources. The soundbar is also compatible with Google Assistant and Apple AirPlay 2- all he has to do is ask.

3. Philips TAB7007: Incredible sonic intensity meets sophisticated minimalist design in this marvel of an audio solution. Equipped with Dolby digital plus technology and a thunderous 240W sound output, this soundbar fills rooms with an ocean of crisp, layered sound that brings movies and music vividly to life. And for engulfing, spine-tingling bass, the wireless subwoofer integrates seamlessly to create seismic low-end frequencies. Multi-source connectivity via Bluetooth streaming, HDMI ARC, and other connectivity options enable endless entertainment possibilities. Better yet, this elegant soundbar is the perfect centerpiece audio upgrade for the modern dad’s living space! The soundbar is available on Amazon at INR 11990

4. Philips TAB4228: Elevate every movie night and music session with the transcendent power of this 160W 2.1 channel soundbar. Its explosive sound emanates from the soundbar’s channels and the powerful subwoofer, which adds seismic bass that shakes rooms with gut-punching intensity. Multiple connectivity options including HDMI ARC, Optical In, Coaxial In, Bluetooth, USB, and Aux-In ensure versatile compatibility. Three EQ modes let you perfectly tailor the immersive audio for bass enrichment that plunges you deeper into every scene’s atmosphere. And its ultra-sleek design blends seamlessly into modern home theater setups. Give your dad a sensory upgrade he’ll never forget!


5. Philips TAT3225: Designed for fathers always on the move, these true wireless earbuds offer a seamless blend of freedom, comfort, and premium fidelity. Their compact charging case slides easily into a pocket or bag, while the secure in-ear fit ensures hours of distraction-free listening without fatigue. But the real marvel is their impressive 24-hour combined playtime with just occasional top-ups from the case. Additionally, smart features like mono mode let you take calls clearly on a single earbud while the other charges. IPX4 splash/sweat resistance protects against life’s little mishaps. And with integrated controls such as activation of phones voice assistant and auto-pairing, he stays effortlessly connected to his calls and playlists.

6. Philips TAH6506: Reduce unwanted background noise on the go with these stylish wireless headphones equipped with internal mics in their ear cups. The internal mics effectively filter out the background noise one doesn’t want to hear. The wireless headphones feature the unique ‘Bluetooth multipoint’ capability, allowing them to connect to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously and providing the option to switch between them as needed. With an impressive 30 hours of playtime and 25 hours with Active Noise Cancelling on, these wireless headphones ensure a long-lasting audio experience. A full charge takes approximately 2 hours, and just a 15-minute charge gives an additional 2 hours of playback time. These wireless headphones stay with the user all day long, thanks to their mammoth battery offering.

7. Philips TAH8506: For uncompromising fathers who crave the purest, most immersive personal audio experience, these lightweight over-ear headphones deliver spectacularly. Advanced noise cancellation immerses him in a pristine vacuum of his favorite music and podcasts without any external disruptions. Support for Hi-Res Audio codecs reveals every subtle detail and nuance with breathtaking realism. Multipoint technology keeps him seamlessly connected to multiple smart devices simultaneously for uninterrupted entertainment. Touch controls provide intuitive command over music, calls, and more. And with a marathon of 60 hours of playtime, these headphones are a lavish indulgence he deserves. The included storage case protects this premium investment during travels.

Party Speakers:

8. Philips TAX5708: Bring the party to life with this brilliant 400W Bluetooth party speaker! The incredible power and Dynamic Bass Boost lets you crank up the intensity, while different lighting modes create a mesmerizing atmosphere that immerses everyone in pulsating rhythms. But the real star is your dad – mic and guitar inputs transform this speaker into his personal portable studio, letting him wow the crowd! He can even change his voice, fade out original vocals, add echo effects and record his performances. True wireless technology also allows pairing two of these speakers together for an even bigger sound. And with its exceptionally durable build, this party beast can keep up with all-night dance marathons. Let dad share his passion and make every gathering epic!

9. Philips TAX5206: Philips TAX5206 Party Speaker is delivers a maximum sound output of 160W. It features karaoke support and various functionalities such as echo control, vocal fader, voice changer, among others. Additionally, it includes a guitar input and offers multiple connectivity options such as Bluetooth v5.0, USB slot and Audio In slot for an immersive listening experience. Other features include an LED display screen, party light effects, strobe lights, and a trolley design for portability.

10. Philips TAX3206: Elevate every memorable occasion with this powerful, portable party companion! Deliver stunningly clear audio with 80W sound output that brings your dad’s favorite tracks vividly to life. As the music pumps, dazzling light effects sync perfectly, pulsing and glowing to create an electrifying vibe. Up to 14 hours of playtime ensures the fun never stops and when it’s time to grab the mic, convenient music controls, and rotary audio knobs let dad tinker until the ambiance is perfect for karaoke sessions with loved ones. Versatile Bluetooth, Aux In, and other connectivity options keep this speaker ready for any spontaneous celebration!


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