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The book “Age of Agency” authored by South Indian-origin, South African and former Microsoft executive Kerushan Govender launched

Hyderabad, April 04, 2024…. The book “Age of Agency” authored by Indian-origin South African and former Microsoft executive Kerushan Govender launched in a function held in a Hotel Deccan Serai Grande in Telecom Nagar in Gachibowli, Hyderabad on Wednesday

The book was unveiled by Mr Bharani Kumar Aroll, President & CEO at TechTriad Inc. Former Secretary General of the Society for Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC) and Past President of Hyderabad Software Enterprises Association (HYSEA); Prof. Atul Negi, Dean, School of Computer & Information Sciences, University of Hyderabad and Shri R. P. Thakur I.P.S., Former DGP of Andhra Pradesh

BALA REDDY_PROF NEGI__RP Thakur_Kerushan Govender_Bharani Kumar Aroll at the launch of the book AGE OF AGENCY RISE WITH AI authored by South Indian Origin South African pic 3

Answering a media query on the impact of deep fakes, AI-generated fake videos, AI manipulated Media to malign the opposition in the forthcoming Indian Elections, the festival of democracy, where 100 core population is going to vote, Prof Atul Negi said we need not unduly worry about this as there are technologies which identify what is deep fake. While computer-literate and digitally savvy people will be able to differentiate what is deepfake and what is not, the common public may be affected.

Kerushan Govender has a different view. Anyone with a laptop can make believable deepfakes. So, there is a risk as there are elections in the USA, South Africa and India. But the threat may not be as big as one imagines. There is only way to address it is by regulating it. But, unfortunately, not many governments have moved forward to regulate by way of legislation. You know legislation takes a long time to come in by then a lot of things in the area of Artificial Intelligence must have changed. The speed at which it is changing is a challenge. And two what to regulate and three who regulates it and how do they do it. If AI has to be regulated it has to be done through legislation, and that legislation has to be brought not in the usual ways of legislation introduced, said Kerushan Govender, AI Expert and the author of the book Age of Agency.

Addressing the gathering before launching the book Bharani Kumar Aroll, former HYSEA President said Hyderabad has been growing on leaps and bounds as far as software exports which registered 30 billion US $ in the years 2022 and 2023 and there is likely growth of 25% this year

In terms of employment, it employs 9 lakh directly and each employee indirectly creates another three jobs. This means the IT corridor employs 36 lakh direct and indirect employees, he added.

There is an apprehension that AI will take away jobs. It is predicted that 15 to 20% of jobs will be replaced. Those skills which were in demand 10 years ago have become irrelevant now AI will be an enabler. By the year 2030, an AI-driven economy will be worth 14 to 15 billion US$. It will also impact 30 to 40% of jobs by then. According to a report, artificial intelligence has the potential to add a cumulative $ 1.2-1.5 trillion to India’s Gross Domestic Product over the next seven years, Bharani Kumar added.

R.P Thakur said along with growing technology so also the complexity of the crimes. Phone tapping was easy and even detection too was easy before computers were introduced. Technology also must be used to control the crime.

Prof Atul Negi explained why the title of the book Age of Agency was very apt. We are living in the Age of Agency. We have agents everywhere. For instance, there are agents to book your cab online and so also other services. No matter how much ever we progress technologically, humanity will prevail.

Age of Agency provides insights into how to leverage AI’s capabilities to power productivity and success. By better understanding AI, you will learn to use it as a powerful tool for personal growth and business success, the author Kerushan Govender said.

A former Microsoft executive, Kerushan Govender demystifies AI, emphasizing the importance of human agency; reconnecting with the needs of humanity and learning the importance of care as a differentiator in an AI world.

Indian origin-South African, Govender was in the city at the invitation of Gopu Bala Reddy Chairman/Managing Director, Cura GRC Private Limited. The author was once upon a time an employee of Cura GRC Private Ltd, then quit and worked with Microsoft and now is an author of the book as well as a consultant to the company.

Kerushan Govender, CEO of Blacfox Enterprises Pty Ltd, Cape Town, South Africa, is a prominent figure in the business and technology landscape. His impressive track record includes several leadership roles at Microsoft, where he played a pivotal part in doubling a US$250 million segment across 80 countries within three years. He has also transformed a US $10 million business into a thriving venture with an annual turnover exceeding US $ 50 million informed Bala Reddy while welcoming the gathering.


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