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Spelltastic Update from Colorbar: Six New Sinful Matte Shades Are Here

6 new shades under Colorbar’s iconic Sinful franchise, where flirty meets fabulous at just 1499!

Sinful shide

Colorbar said, “Ta-Da!” and the groundbreaking Sinful range got an upgrade! Meet the Luxe Collection, lip color shades sinfully created for every Indian skin tone. In a single glide, embrace your unique self and let that bewitching smile get them hooked. The collection boasts of six shades all set to leave a lasting impression.

Crafted with Colorbar’s revolutionary formula, enriched with Sea Fennel Wax, these lipsticks offer a soft, seductive touch and a flattering matte effect. The intensely saturated yet feather-light texture provides a creamy, dreamy experience, popping with ultra-vivid colors in just a single swipe. From the flirtatious “Lights Off” to the daringRole Play” and the mysterious “Screw It,” the Luxe Collection has a shade for every mood. Each shade is a statement waiting to be spelled out loud, casting the spell of perfection on your lips, making them luscious, plump, and most importantly, hydrated! This patented formula ensures long-lasting, smudge-proof, and transfer-proof magic that keeps you slaying sinfully all day and night.


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