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KIIT World School organized a Cupcake Artistry Workshop

New Delhi: KIIT World School Pitampura and Happy Hours School organized a cupcake artistry workshop full of sweet memories and delicious experiences for the students. During the workshop, children create and decorate an assortment of chocolate-themed cupcakes. Their enthusiasm was evident as they experimented with various icing techniques and toppings, resulting in an impressive showcase of edible art.


The Workshop was even sweeter for the students when the school invited an ice cream vendor for them to taste. Joyous moments were observed as the vendor arrived, and the students enjoyed the creamy ice creams that were full of nutrients.

In addition to the cupcake workshop and ice cream delights, the school organized a series of activities aimed at celebrating the universal love for chocolate. From chocolate-themed games and quizzes to storytelling sessions about the history and origins of chocolate, each activity was thoughtfully designed to entertain and educate. The event highlighted the versatility and global appeal of chocolate, making it a day of learning and enjoyment for all.

Sangeeta Bhatia, Principal, of KIIT World School said, The enthusiasm and creativity our students displayed at this workshop is truly commendable. Through the cupcake artistry workshop and other activities, we not only provided them with fun and enjoyment but also encouraged their skills and creativity. Such events are very important for the development of our students and we will continue to organize more such activities. This workshop was a perfect blend of fun, creativity, and learning, leaving the students with sweet memories and experiences.


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