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Social Impact Startup Cherrilearn Wins Elevate Karnataka 2023 Award, Announces Pan-India Expansion

Mangaluru, 3 May 2024: Puttur-based EdTech startup Cherrilearn, a company deeply committed to social impact, has been named a winner of the prestigious Elevate Karnataka 2023 Call 2 competition. This recognition brings crucial funding that will fuel Cherrilearn’s mission to empower students, particularly in underserved communities across India.

Shrinidhi RS,Co-Founder and CEO, Cherrilearn

Cherrilearn offers interactive and gamified learning experiences in English and Kannada for students in grades 1 to 5. The award-winning platform leverages engaging educational methods like activity-based learning, explanatory videos, and animations. This approach makes education accessible and effective for all students, regardless of their background.

“At Cherrilearn, we believe every child deserves access to quality education,” said Shrinidhi RS, Founder and CEO of Cherrilearn. “Winning the Elevate Karnataka 2023 Call 2 award empowers us to significantly broaden our reach and make a positive impact on a larger scale. This aligns perfectly with our mission of empowering students in underserved communities.”

The crucial funding secured from the Elevate Karnataka win positions Cherrilearn for significant growth, with a focus on expanding their social impact. This expansion will include the introduction of a Hindi curriculum for grades 1 to 7, catering to a wider audience across India and ensuring diverse linguistic needs are met. Additionally, they plan to expand their Kannada content for grades 6 and 7, ensuring students who began their journey with Cherrilearn can stay engaged with the platform as they progress in their education.
Cherrilearn prioritizes collaboration to maximize its social impact. Existing partnerships with 7 government schools in Dakshina Kannada will be expanded to reach 100 government schools. This collaboration will provide free access to Cherrilearn for approximately 10,000 students starting from the next academic year. They are also committed to extending their reach beyond traditional partnerships. Through a collaborative effort with corporates, Cherrilearn will sponsor access for students in five schools, including one in remote Meghalaya, granting access to the platform for approximately 155 students.

Cherrilearn’s vision extends beyond national borders, with a focus on global impact. The company is actively pursuing international grants to bring their educational technology solutions to schools in Africa, Ukraine, and Palestine. Schools in Tanzania and Ghana have already expressed interest in leveraging Cherrilearn’s platform, signifying the potential to bridge the educational divide on a global scale.


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