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Persistent Honored in 2024 Asia Executive Team Survey

July 11, 2024

Santa Clara, CA and Pune, India

News Summary

Persistent Systems has been recognized for its robust governance practices and strong executive leadership by the highly regarded portfolio managers and analysts in the prestigious “2024 Asia (ex-Japan) Executive Team” survey.

The Company has received the top three rankings across multiple categories – Asia Pacific ex-Japan, Rest of Asia, and Small & Midcap for the Technology, IT Services, and Software industry. Prominent rankings by sell-side analysts in the Small & Midcap category below:

  • Sandeep Kalra, Chief Executive Officer at Persistent; Sunil Sapre, Former Chief Financial Officer at Persistent; and the Company’s Investor Relations Program ranked first.
  • Saurabh Dwivedi, Head of Corporate Development and Investor Relations at Persistent, ranked second.

The detailed rankings across all categories:

Categories Rankings from sell-side analysts
Best CEO – Sandeep Kalra Best CFO – Sunil Sapre* Best Investor Relations Professionals – Saurabh Dwivedi Best Investor Relations  

Best Investor Relations Team

Small & Midcap 1st 1st 2nd 1st 2nd
Rest of Asia 2nd 2nd 3rd 2nd
Asia Pacific ex-Japan 2nd 3rd  


The Executive Team surveys conducted by Institutional Investor Research are an independent platform for investment and sell-side professionals to evaluate the credibility, communication, financial stewardship, capital allocation of corporate leadership, and Investor Relations effectiveness across multiple activities. Institutional Investor Research, renowned for its insights into the investment community, conducted a survey involving over 5,500 portfolio managers and analysts to determine the winners of its 2024 Asia (ex-Japan) Executive Team.

The multiple rankings across different categories underscore Persistent’s proactive engagement with investors, accessibility of senior executives, responsiveness to investor queries, and quality of disclosures, highlighting the Company’s dedication to transparent and effective investor communication. Persistent was among the top companies in Institutional Investor’s 2022 Asia Executive Team Awards and was recognized in the Asia Executive Team – Small and Mid-Cap rankings.

Sandeep Kalra, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, Persistent

“We are truly honored by the recognition from Institutional Investor and extend our sincere gratitude to the investors whose ratings have contributed to this acknowledgment. This accolade reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence, fueled by our team’s relentless dedication and transparent communication which has propelled us to industry-leading performance. The rankings from the investor community bolster our credibility and reinforce our standing within the industry. We remain dedicated to transparent engagement with the analyst community, ensuring clear and timely communication of our goals and achievements, all upheld by the highest standards of governance.”


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