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NeoFinity Announces ‘NeoZAP’, India’s First Payment Tag

May 28th, New Delhi : NeoFinity, the new-age fintech and payments arm of Neo Group, has just announced its new product, NeoZAP, an innovative tag revolutionising the payments landscape in India. NeoZAP marks a significant advancement in digital transactions, offering a secure and efficient payment solution for tech-savvy consumers. It ultimately combines cutting-edge technology with convenience.

NeoZAP stands out by transforming users’ smartphones into secure payment devices, offering unparalleled convenience and accessibility to their digital wallets. This sleek payment tag is designed with the needs of the Gen Z and millennial audience in mind, providing seamless online and offline payment options like Pinless transactions up to ₹2,000. These transactions are faster than UPI, better than debit cards, and easy to carry. Moreover, NeoZAP is a versatile travel card for metro, bus, and fuel payments, making it a comprehensive solution for all payment needs.

“We are thrilled to introduce NeoZAP, India’s first payment tag, to the market,” said Rayan Malhotra, CEO of NeoFinity. “We’ve focused on three main things- speed, style, and security. It’s the fastest payment method, and the tag works without internet or battery. We aim to usher in a new era of effortless payments by constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.”

In addition to its robust security features, NeoZAP offers users exclusive rewards and discounts from 200+ brands, including PVR, Times Prime, Google, and Cult.Fit, among others, making it a lucrative payment option compared to UPI. Whether shopping online or in-store, NeoZAP ensures that every transaction is swift, secure, and hassle-free, providing a seamless and comfortable payment experience. NeoZAP is India’s 1st prepaid card that gives fraud protection insurance powered by HDFC Ergo, further enhancing the safety of your payments.


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