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HCMCT Manipal Hospital Dwarka Distributes Water Bottles to Delhi Police Personnel

New Delhi, 28th May 2024Manipal Hospital is one of India’s leading healthcare institutions dedicated to providing exceptional medical services since its establishment for its patients and the community at large. As temperatures continue to rise, the chances of experiencing intense heatwaves are becoming more common. The growing threat of heat waves poses great health risks and challenges for communities worldwide keeping this in mind Manipal Hospital Dwarka distributes water bottles as a kind gesture to Delhi Police.

Manipal Hospital Dwarka

Despite the extreme rise in temperature, the Delhi Police continue to perform their duties with dedication and resilience. The current developments have posed great challenges, but our officers remain committed to ensuring public safety and order. In light of their dedication to maintaining law and order, Manipal Hospital Dwarka decided to distribute water bottles as an act of generosity. The initiative aims to support officers in their relentless efforts, ensuring they stay hydrated and healthy while performing their duties in extreme temperatures.

Speaking on the water bottle distribution drive, Dr Kapil Gupta, HOD and Consultant – Emergency Medicine, Manipal Hospital, Dwarka said, “We deeply appreciate the hard work and commitment of the Delhi Police during these hard times. Our initiative to distribute water bottles is a small token of our gratitude and support to help them stay hydrated and healthy while they continue to serve the community.”

Shri Ankit Singh, Deputy Commissioner of Police said, “On behalf of the Delhi Police, I extend our heartfelt gratitude to Manipal Hospital Dwarka for their thoughtful initiative of distributing water bottles to our officers. This generous act of kindness is greatly appreciated and will undoubtedly help our team to stay hydrated and maintain their health while they carry out their duties in the extreme heat.”


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