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Manipal Hospital, Dwarka facilitates patient voting to strengthen democracy

Delhi, 25th May 2024 – Manipal Hospital took a significant step towards fostering civic responsibility by helping patients cast their votes in the Lok Sabha elections, ensuring they could exercise their right to vote. This effort underscores the hospital’s dedication to patient care as well as its commitment to supporting democratic participation. Through this initiative, the hospital aims to highlight the importance of voting as a fundamental duty of every responsible Indian citizen.

MH Dwarka_Every vote counts

Viji Verghese, Hospital Director Manipal Hospital Dwarka, said, “At Manipal Hospital, we believe that healthcare extends beyond the confines of our facility. By supporting our patients in exercising their right to vote, we are not only prioritizing their health but also empowering them as active participants in our democracy. Every vote matters, and we are proud to be a part in ensuring that our patients’ voices are heard.”


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