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CBSE Collaborates with KIIT World School Gurgaon to Promote Health Literacy

Gurgaon – In alignment with the global focus on health and well-being , Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) along with KIIT World School Gurgaon host a dynamic session on health awareness on Safety, Health, and Environment (SHE) . The session, organized by CBSE at KIIT World School Gurgaon, along with 100 participants from five prominent schools including Red Rose Public School, Drona Public School, Ascent Public School, CCA School, and DPS Maruti Kunj.

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In commemoration of World Health Day’s theme, “My Health, My Choice,” KIIT has inaugurated its Health Initiatives with a series of impactful activities. This commitment underscores the school’s dedication to fostering a holistic understanding of health among its students and staff.

As a pivotal partner, CBSE spearheaded the pilot Health Literacy Program, conducted at KIIT World School Gurgaon, in collaboration with JaviX Life Pvt. Ltd. This comprehensive program encompassed Health Literacy Sessions, Health Planning, and a Health Camp, tailored to equip educators with essential knowledge on health awareness and planning.

Leading by Ms. Priyanka, a distinguished clinical instructor from Vidyanta, the workshop aimed to impart crucial insights into health literacy and planning. Following this informative session, Mr. Vijay Raghavan, CEO of Uniffy Enterprises Insurtech, emphasized the significance of insurance in ensuring both health security and financial stability.

Furthermore, Mr. Munish Chawla, co-founder of Jeevitam, actively engaged in the workshop, sharing valuable insights on initiatives related to health literacy. His presence not only enriched the event but also motivated teachers to actively engage with health-related issues and understand the key aspects of planning to address health emergencies effectively.

KIIT World School Principal Neelima Kamrah, said, for a healthy lifestyle, it is very important for us to understand the importance of health, cleanliness and environment and adopt the same in our lives. This session will not only help us in understanding this but will also provide us an opportunity to understand our responsibility. The contribution of all of us is important in building a healthy and prosperous society.


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