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Celebrating Casio’s Pioneering Role in Calculator Innovation on National Technology Day

Celebrated on May 11, National Technology Day embodies India’s pursuit of scientific exploration, technological creativity & innovations, and the integration of these developments into national prosperity and global presence.

As the cornerstone of computational support for students and professionals of all ages, including engineers, chartered accountants, traders, and beyond, Casio Calculators have been instrumental in #TransformingIndia’s educational and technological landscape. Casio calculators embody the spirit of leveraging technology for transformation, aligning with Prime Minister Modi’s vision of a technologically empowered India. By empowering individuals with essential tools and skills, Casio calculators contribute to building a prosperous and inclusive society, driving India’s journey towards socioeconomic development and global competitiveness.


Since the launch of first compact calculator in 1957, Casio India, the country’s largest and most revered calculator brand in Desktop, Check & Correct and Scientific range, has spearheaded groundbreaking innovations in the realm of calculators since the inception of its parent company in Japan, leaving an enduring mark worldwide. Interestingly, several of these remarkable calculators are archived in prestigious museums across the globe. Such Industry-first innovations include

  • The SL-800, a 0.8 mm thin credit card size calculator at the Museum of Modern Art, New York
  • World’s first fully electric compact relay calculator at the National Science Museum, in Japan
  • The fx-7000G, World’s first graphic scientific calculator at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History
  • in Washington, D.C.

As National Technology Day approaches, Casio takes a moment to reflect on its journey:

The Golden Era: 1950s to 1990s Innovation Saga

  • 1957: Launch of the 14-A
    The 14-A was the world’s first fully electric compact relay calculator.
  • 1965: Introduction of the 001
    Casio unveiled the 001, the world’s first electronic calculator with a memory function, setting the stage for future innovations.
  • 1972: Birth of the Casio Mini
    The Casio Mini, the world’s first personal calculator, captured hearts and minds with its compact design and functionality.
  • 1976: Denkuro – A Combination Calculator with Clock Function
    The Denkuro, a combination calculator with a clock function, marked another milestone in Casio’s journey.
  • 1983: SL-800 – A Thin Credit Card Size Calculator
  • 1985: fx-7000G – The World’s First Graphing Scientific Calculator

The Revolutionary Y2Ks

  • 2004: fx-82ES – The First Scientific Calculator with Natural Math Display
    Casio introduced the fx-82ES, revolutionizing the way mathematical expressions were displayed.
  • 2005: fx-9860G – Graphing and Natural Mathematical Display
    The fx-9860G, featuring graphing capabilities and a natural mathematical display, became a favourite among students and professionals.
  • 2006: Casio’s Global Sales Reach 1 Billion Calculators
    A remarkable achievement, reflecting the widespread adoption of Casio calculators worldwide.
  • 2007: Launch of fx-991ES Plus with Natural Textbook Display
    The fx-991ES Plus, Casio’s first scientific calculator with a natural textbook display, enhancing learning experiences.

Digital Dawn: 2010 Onwards

  • 2010: Casio DJ-120D – World’s First Localized Number Display
    With the Casio DJ-120D, the brand introduced a localized number display (lakh and crore comma marker), catering to Indian users.
  • 2015: Casio Classwiz fx-991EX – Spreadsheet Functionality and QR Code Graph Plotting
    The industry’s first standard scientific calculator with spreadsheet functionality and QR Code graph plotting capabilities. Post its success, Casio launched its successor – Casio Classwiz fx-991 CW in 2022, with one of the fastest processor in the industry, a simplified UI and an easy-to-learn icon display.
  • 2017: 3D Graphs in Casio Graphic Calculators (fx-CG50)
    Casio continued to innovate by introducing 3D graphing capabilities in the fx-CG50.
  • 2018: World’s First GST Calculators – MJ-120 GST and MJ-12 GST
    Designed specifically for the Indian market, these calculators simplified GST calculations.


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