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Biz2X Clothing Drive with Goonj witnesses a heartwarming act by 10-year-old girl Anjika

Noida, 2024: Showcasing rare maturity at a young age, a 10-year-old Anjika displayed a heartwarming act at a recent clothing drive led by the team at Biz2X – a leading digital lending platform – who organized the initiative with the esteemed NGO Goonj, aimed at supporting underprivileged communities in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Anjika‘s compassionate spirit shone brightly as she actively participated in the clothing drive for the underprivileged. She actively participated in the clothing collection and sorting process, demonstrating a caring and empathetic nature. But in her most special and heartwarming act for the day, she chose three of her most favorite dresses and few of her toys to be given out as a part of the clothing drive. She also made handmade cards meant to be presented with her dresses to the needful children.

Goonj is renowned for its efforts to address the basic needs of the underprivileged by collecting and distributing essential items such as clothing, shoes and other necessities. Biz2X’s initiative with Goonj aimed to make a tangible difference in the lives of those in need, highlighting their commitment to community welfare.

Before the drive, the Biz2X team collected donations from employees, who wholeheartedly contributed their relatively less-used clothing. The employees’ eagerness to support this cause reflected their keen desire and dedication to make a difference. Accompanied by Rohit and Anjika, the Biz2X team visited Goonj’s Noida Dropping Centre to deliver the collected donations. The volunteers at Goonj were moved by Anjika’s compassion and her ability to connect with underprivileged children who benefitted from the clothing donations.

Biz2X’s initiative underscores the Company’s belief in the importance of corporate social responsibility. By involving employees and their families, Biz2X has set an inspiring example of how businesses can contribute to the well-being of the communities they serve.


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