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Hithium ranks in 2023’s Top 5 for global BESS shipments

Hithium has been ranked among the top five battery manufacturers in terms of energy storage products shipped in 2023 in a new analysis of 2023 stationary energy storage manufacturer shipments by the China Energy Storage Alliance (CNESA). In addition, ranked as the No. 2 for utility-scale projects in its home market of China released by ESSA. Founded in 2019 with a focus exclusively on stationary batteries, Hithium first shipped products in 2022. The company entered the global energy storage market in 2023, climbing to fifth position in the ranking within its first year on the world stage.


Rankings validate Hithium’s “Just BESS” strategy

“These new rankings show that we’ve been able to deliver the kind of quality, safety, and innovation our partners need, and thus earn their trust in our first year on the global market. We’re very proud of this achievement—in only our second year of shipping battery products,” Hithium CEO and co-founder Jason Wang said. “The 2023 results also affirm our strategy to focus solely on stationary energy storage and to enter the global market quickly. Specialization enables us to put all our resources into this one segment, which is so crucial for the energy transition all over the world.”

Hithium has now shipped over 20GWh in total, after tripling the capacity, and the number of projects, it supplied between 2022 and 2023. At the same time the company has built out its production capacity, announcing the completion in December of the first stage of a highly automated new facility in Chongqing.

Technological focus on reducing LCOS through longer product lifespan, lower project costs

Among the company’s technological achievements is its new 314Ah cell, featuring an 11,000-cycle life, They also include the 5MWh Hithium “∞Block” container with a novel mechanical design that increases energy throughput over the product’s lifespan by up to 25% and helps project developers save on CAPEX, like reducing land costs by up to 20%.


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