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10 Affordable Used Cars in India

Waiting to buy your dream car without spending too much on it? For those of you who would like to buy a used car that is both affordable, reliable and has stylish looks. OLX has listed down the top ten most affordable used cars 

 1. Tata Tiago:
Tata Tiago is one of the most popular cars among first-time buyers and city dwellers. Its affordability, fuel economy of about 19-28.06 kmpl, and contemporary features make it an attractive buy. It comes fitted with a cutting-edge infotainment system that boasts of a touchscreen display and great sound quality.

 2. Toyota Corolla:
Toyota Corolla is one of the most sought-after models in the Indian used car vehicle market. Its unparalleled sturdiness and low maintenance costs make it attractive for the buyers. The estimated cost to maintain a Toyota Corolla Altis for five years is approximately in the range of Rs 14000 – 16000 This continues pulling customers seeking trustworthy sedans towards itself. Corolla enjoys a good reputation for its extensive safety features.

 3. Honda City:
The Honda City is the oldest and most cherished used sedan among the Indian buyers. With its long-standing popularity of 25 years and well reputed brand image, this comfortable car is a common sight on Indian streets.

4. Honda Jazz:
It is known and loved for its roomy interior and adaptability. Its unique “Magic Seat” feature allows for easy adjustment of seating and cargo space, making it a top choice for both shopping trips and hauling oversized items. It has a mileage of 17.8 kmpl

 5. Hyundai Elantra:
India’s used car buyers have a versatile option in the Hyundai Elantra. Known for its comfort and a rich array of standard features, this sedan has a sporty look and a roomy interior with plenty of legroom that guarantees hassle-free and smooth long journeys. Its Mileage is 15 kmpl (petrol) and 17.3 kmpl (diesel).

 6. Maruti Suzuki Alto :
Maruti Suzuki Alto has carved a niche for itself in the Indian automobile segment as the most affordable family car. Whether you are a first-time buyer looking for an entry-level vehicle or an experienced driver, it is an excellent fit and reliable choice for daily commuting. The amount you spend on fuel depends on how much you drive and how you drive. Let’s say you drive an average of 100 kilometres daily. In that case, a Maruti Brezza, with its average mileage of 20-25kmpl (petrol).

 7. Hyundai Creta:

This car has been warmly welcomed into Indian households and is highly esteemed for its outstanding qualities, such as its impressive features, long-lasting build, and dependable performance, which have continuously driven its popularity. As per ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) figures, it offers a mileage of 16.8 kmpl (petrol) and 21.4 kmpl (diesel).

 8. Kia Seltos:
The popularity of the Kia Seltos in India’s used car industry has soared due to its eye-catching aesthetics, luxurious interior. This vehicle boasts convenient smartphone connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a superior audio system, and comes with options such as a sunroof, leather seats, and climate control.

 9. Maruti Vitara Brezza:
The Maruti Vitara Brezza is highly recognized for its dependability and modern aesthetic. Not only does it provide generous cabin space and practical seating, but it also boasts an innovative idle start-stop feature that conserves fuel by shutting off the engine while the car is at a standstill and turning it back on when necessary. This makes it a sought-after vehicle in the compact SUV category thanks to its sleek appearance, efficient motor.

 10. Ford EcoSport:
The Ford EcoSport stands out in the Indian used car market for its distinctive character and its highly acclaimed driving experience. With the option of cars with an EcoBoost engine, specifically a turbocharged three-cylinder, this compact SUV offers an irresistible surge of power and steady control on fast-moving roads and sharp turns. This model offers a good balance of features, performance.

 In the race for quality used cars, buyers can explore various auto trading platforms where a wide range of vehicles, from compact cars to SUVs, are readily available for a seamless and transparent buying experience.


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