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Prega News Unveils Innovative ‘Deciding Benches’ Campaign to Empower Couples in Family Planning Decisions

National, May 9, 2024: Prega News, the leading pregnancy test kit brand from Mankind Pharma with a market share of 85%, continues to champion autonomy in family planning choices through its impactful new video campaign titled #LetThemDecide. As an extension of that, Prega News takes a brave step forward by introducing its interactive OOH campaign “Deciding Benches” across the city of Delhi, inviting individuals to stand up for freedom of choice in family planning on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

Deciding Benches - Mother's Day Campaign

#LetThemDecide, Prega News’ poignant video campaign, delves into the societal pressures faced by couples regarding family planning decisions. The campaign emphasises the significance of empowering couples to make deeply personal choices without external coercion or judgment. With the innovative OOH campaign, the strategically placed benches in parks, malls, and other public spaces will serve as platforms for individuals to take a stand on the issue.

The benches had two sides representing different perspectives on family planning. One side supported a couple’s decision in determining the number of children, emphasizing personal choice and respect. The other side represented traditional family decisions, underscoring the importance of a family’s collective choice. By simply sitting on the bench, participants could voice their support for couples’ autonomy in deciding the number of children they want, challenging societal norms and promoting respect for personal choices. People’s selections sparked meaningful conversations about personal choice and community values, turning the bench into a platform for discussions on family planning decisions.

Joy Chatterjee, Associate Vice President, Sales and Marketing Head, Consumer Business Unit, Mankind Pharma, said, “With ‘Deciding Benches,’ we are sparking a vital conversation, empowering couples and families to make their own decisions regarding family size. This initiative challenges conventional norms and fosters acceptance of personal choices. Women have long faced undue pressures due to societal and familial expectations in this deeply personal matter. By introducing ‘Deciding Benches,’ Prega News is promoting open discussions across India, shifting the focus from pressure to support for family planning choices of a couple. A content mother contributes significantly to a harmonious family dynamic, and this Mother’s Day, we are honoring mothers’ strength and love while standing by them in their family planning journey.”

The #LetThemDecide campaign by Prega News is a combination of insightful analysis and emotional narratives, underlining their broader dedication to promoting positive societal change. By confronting gender biases and advocating for the validation of couples’ family planning choices, this campaign stands as an example of the brand’s commitment to social progress.


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