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M Kool is Back. Matthew’s Rockin’ World 2 Graphic Novel Released

M Kool is Back. Matthew’s Rockin’ World 2 Graphic Novel Released

Providence, RI, March 13, 2024 — In the first installment, they saved the world with a kickass rock song. Now, Matthew “M Kool” and his posse are back to eliminate the dreaded Frednecks and Parkerans so their fans can rock out in peace.

“Matthew’s Rockin’ World 2: M Kool’s Next Showdown” is the newest installment in the popular graphic novel series written and illustrated by Matthew W. Reese. Along with M Kool, it features his partner J Epic and the debut of their superstar band B Dazzle.

“This series has been a passion project of mine, and I wanted to make an installment that had an anti-bullying message,” Reese said.

The first novel took place in the 71st century Wonderville; this time the gang travels back in time to the 21st century to the fictitious city of San De Fredricko, Marifornia to watch M Kool perform. However, they quickly discover the city is not such a great place to be; the concert is interrupted by the Frednecks and Parkerans, two street gangs that go around bullying people. Can M Kool and the gang turn the tables and bully the bullies? The epic graphic novel is full of twists and turns, leading to a climactic, rockin’ finale.

Early reviews have been positive from readers: “If you love graphic novels or just want an inspiring story about strength and redemption then look no further… Matthew’s masterful storytelling and vibrant artwork make this a standout addition to the genre, sure to leave readers eagerly awaiting the next installment,” reads one.


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