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Joel Ojeda’s Newly Released MIA Miracle in Action

Joel Ojeda’s Newly Released MIA Miracle in Action

Sunland Park, NM, March 21, 2024 –“MIA: Miracle in Action: A Story of God’s Grace”: a compassionate acknowledgment of the profound nature of grief. “MIA: Miracle in Action: A Story of God’s Grace” is the creation of published author, Joel Ojeda, a distinguished professional, hailing from El Paso, Texas, with roots in Sunland Park, New Mexico. He is an accomplished graduate of New Mexico State University, earning his first degree in 2001. Committed to continuous growth and education, Joel later pursued further studies at the University of Texas at El Paso, completing his second degree in 2014.

Ojeda shares, “’The angels are here, I’m okay.’

“Mia Ojeda was born on July 19, 2015. Since her birth, her family knew that one day, she would change people’s lives somehow. She was a beautiful and playful little girl who was full of life and who brought joy to everyone around her. In September of 2017, at the age of two, her parents got the worst news that any parent can get: ‘Your daughter has cancer.’

“The battle begins—a powerful, emotional, heartbreaking, yet beautiful story.

“Every difficulty in life gives you an opportunity to trust God in a way that you never have before, but what happens when you have to trust Him with your only child?”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Joel Ojeda’s new book will tug at the heartstrings as readers witness a family’s deeply personal journey through a heartrending experience.


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