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Gina Sanguinetti’s Newly Released Clock Out and Heal

Gina Sanguinetti’s Newly Released Clock Out and Heal

Lititz, PA, February 29, 2024 — “Clock Out and Heal”: a fascinating and intimate collection of stories. “Clock Out and Heal” is the creation of published author, Gina Sanguinetti, a registered respiratory therapist for twenty-seven years and is still currently working in this job. She was working full-time in the hospital systems in New Jersey for twenty-five years. After moving from her roots of sixty-two years from North Wildwood, New Jersey, she is currently working as needed in a nursing and rehab in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where she now resides. She is a proud mom of four adult children and adores her ten beautiful grandchildren.

Sanguinetti shares, “’We’re doing everything possible,’ the doctor would say at times to the parents as he continued the resuscitation efforts on their little girl. Expect the unexpected when you are a medical professional or a first responder.

“We clock into work and treat those who are sick. We see all types of death at every age. Added to that stress is the ever-changing demands of those who make and enforce regulations that govern the way that we practice. We are in it to win it for our patients.

“For the past twenty seven years, I work as a respiratory therapist. I clock in, work my best, then clock out and try to bury and forget the stress from my work day. But you don’t forget, the memories of trauma are rude, and they will emerge again when you least expect it. Inside are actual stories of births, deaths, COVID 19, and more, bringing awareness of what we see and do. Can we truly ever clock out and heal?”


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