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Fusion CPA Unveils Groundbreaking Online Controller Course

Atlanta, GA, March 20, 2024 –Fusion CPA, a trailblazer in accounting and tax services, is excited to announce the launch of its innovative online course, “Beyond Numbers: Transforming Accountants into Strategic Controllers,” expertly led by Carlos Cortes, an esteemed Accounting Manager at Fusion CPA. With dual credentials as a licensed CPA and a NetSuite-Certified Administrator, Carlos brings an unparalleled depth of knowledge and expertise to this program, drawing from his extensive background in both the accounting sector, and his experience in NetSuite consulting.

This comprehensive course is meticulously designed to transcend conventional accounting principles, providing participants with the strategic mindset and advanced skills essential for the role of a controller. Fusion CPA is committed to empowering professionals to maximize the efficiency of their accounting software platforms, catering to both veterans and newcomers.

Beyond Numbers provides excellent guidance and a comprehensive curriculum for interactive learning for career empowerment.

Course Highlights:

Exploration of Controller Roles: Participants will gain a thorough understanding of the critical responsibilities and functions that define a Controller’s contribution to organizational success.

Financial Landscape Acumen: The course offers a deep dive into the financial ecosystem of a company, highlighting various financial components in achieving goals.

Foundational Skills: From core responsibilities to essential tasks, learners will build a robust foundation essential for excelling in the controller role.

Mastery of Chart of Accounts: Illustrating how mastering this crucial aspect leads to effective financial management.

Comprehensive Coverage of Accounting Cycles: Ensuring participants are adept at the processes for maintaining financial precision.

Month-end Closing Excellence: Special emphasis is placed on month-end procedures and bank reconciliation, which are key to upholding financial integrity.

In an unprecedented move, Fusion CPA is offering this course free of charge for a limited period. In addition, Beyond Numbers includes Spanish subtitles to accommodate a wider audience. This opportunity is a testament to Fusion CPA’s commitment to fostering the next generation of strategic controllers.


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