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Author Simone Boyd’s New Book I Like Being Outside

Author Simone Boyd’s New Book I Like Being Outside

Chicago, IL, February 21, 2024 –Simone Boyd, a writer born and raised in Chicago, has completed her new book, “I Like Being Outside”: a delightful children’s story that shows children how much fun being outdoors can be and encourages them to be active and appreciate the world around them.

Author Simone Boyd’s passion for writing started in kindergarten when her teacher shared to her students that they could write their own books and share them with the class during story time. This is where she first developed her “I Like” series. Present day, she is happy she gets to share this series with a bigger audience.

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Simone Boyd’s charming tale features bright and colorful illustrations that help to captivate the attention of young readers and listeners. The creative work shares various examples of fun activities to do outside, helping to inspire a love of the outdoors.


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