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Five AI Assessment Platforms for K-12 Education in India

In India’s rapidly evolving education sector, artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the learning experience for students and educators alike. These AI assessment platforms are not just tools but game-changers, offering personalized learning pathways and instant feedback that enhance educational outcomes significantly. By analyzing student performance in real-time, these platforms provide actionable insights to educators, enabling them to tailor their teaching methods effectively.

This technological integration addresses the diverse needs of K-12 students across the country, bridging gaps in traditional teaching methods with innovative solutions. Beyond mere assessment, these platforms empower teachers to implement targeted interventions, ensuring that every student receives the support they need to succeed. As India embraces digital transformation in education, these five leading AI assessment platforms stand out for their role in shaping the future of learning and teaching.

Here, we explore the top five edtech platforms in India leading the charge in this educational revolution, each bringing something special to the array of digital learning options available today.

AASOKA by MBD Group: AASOKA Learning and Teaching Solution, developed by the MBD Group, delivers a meticulously crafted K-12 curriculum in India, aiming to ensure nationwide accessibility and affordability of quality educational resources. With a strong foundation in EdTech, educational resources, and academic research, AASOKA employs innovative learning design principles to create a learner-centric approach, equipping educators with effective teaching tools. Aligned with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, AASOKA fosters interactive, engaging, and creative learning experiences that support holistic student development and achieve significant educational outcomes. Their hybrid learning solutions cater comprehensively to both academic and extracurricular growth, meeting diverse teaching and learning management needs and transforming traditional schools into technology-enabled learning environments, making AASOKA a trusted partner for educational institutions nationwide.

Eupheus Learning: Eupheus Learning has quickly become India’s leading school-focused platform, revolutionizing education by integrating innovative technology solutions that connect classroom and home learning. Their strategy emphasizes enhancing classroom experiences and aligning closely with school curriculums. Through strategic partnerships with global educational technology leaders, Eupheus Learning offers specialized programs in kinesthetic learning, reading enhancement, STEM/STEAM education, and English language learning, impacting up to 10 million students nationwide. Their unique initiatives such as storytelling sessions, Olympiads, and coding competitions not only engage students but also enrich their educational journey, equipping them with essential skills and confidence for the future challenges they may face.

Vedantu: Vedantu is one of the best educational platform in India which is known for creating one of the most sought after educational apps. With a unique learning platform called WAVE and immensely talented top teachers, Vedanta offers highly personalized learning for classes 1 to 12 across CBSE and ICSE Boards. The hands-on teaching methodology has made Vedant the primary choice of aspirants for competitive exams like IIT JEE, NEET, KVPY, NTSE, IMO and IEO.

Unacademy: Based in Bangalore, Unacademy is an Indian multinational education technology company known for its online education platform. Founded in 2015 by Gaurav Munjal, Hemesh Singh and Roman Saini, Unacademy prepares students for a diverse range of competitive exams. In addition, it offers K-12 elementary education and skill-building courses covering programming, photography, entrepreneurship, and more. As of May 2022, Unacademy boasted a valuation of US$3.44 billion and has received accolades including being ranked among the GSV Global EdTech 50 in 2020 and ranked #1 on the LinkedIn Top Startups List for India in 2021.

BYJU’S: BYJU’S is India’s largest ed-tech company and the creator of India’s most popular school education app. Launched in 2015, BYJU’S offers highly personalized and effective learning programs for classes 1 – 12 (K-12) and aspirants for competitive exams like JEE, IAS etc. With 50 million registered students and 3.5 million paid subscriptions, BYJU’S has become one of the most preferred educational platform worldwide.


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