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National Academic Homeschool Competition Level 2 Results

Gray, TN, March 21, 2024 –The National Academic Homeschool Competition, presented by The Old Schoolhouse®, proudly announces the results of its highly anticipated Level 2 competition, showcasing exceptional achievements in homeschool education across the nation. This prestigious event, sponsored by CTC Math and Colorado Christian University, has once again demonstrated the academic prowess and dedication of homeschool students.

After rigorous rounds of assessments and evaluations, the National Academic Homeschool Competition is pleased to unveil the outstanding results of Level 2. Homeschool students from diverse backgrounds have showcased their exceptional talents and intellectual capabilities, making this competition a true celebration of academic excellence.

CTC Math, a leading online math curriculum provider, has been a key sponsor, supporting the competition’s commitment to promoting excellence in mathematics education. Their dedication to fostering a love for learning and mastery of mathematical concepts has played a crucial role in the success of the National Academic Homeschool Competition.

In addition to CTC Math, the National Academic Homeschool Competition is honored to have Colorado Christian University (CCU) as a sponsor. CCU’s commitment to academic excellence and values-based education makes them an ideal partner for an event that celebrates the achievements of homeschool students at the national level.

The National Academic Homeschool Competition Level 2 results showcase not only the academic prowess of homeschool students but also the valuable contributions of sponsors like CTC Math and Colorado Christian University. Their support highlights the importance of fostering a supportive and enriching educational environment for homeschool students across the nation. With this support, The Old Schoolhouse® continues to promote excellence in home education through this unique opportunity for homeschool students.


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