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Semitone Plans International Expansion

London, United Kingdom, March 15, 2024 — Semitone, the dedicated marketplace catering to musicians and enthusiasts seeking a diverse range of new, used, and vintage musical instruments, has successfully secured Venture Capital funding.

Semitone’s online platform boasts a comprehensive listing of guitars, amplifiers, keys, synths, and recording equipment. From entry-level guitars to exclusive vintage pieces valued at over £40,000, Semitone offers a wide array of options to cater to every musician’s needs and preferences.

What sets Semitone apart from other online marketplaces is its specialization in the realm of musical instruments. While broader marketplace platforms host a variety of used items, Semitone focuses exclusively on meeting the needs of musicians and enthusiasts. This targeted approach ensures more relevant content and a tailored experience for users.

The visionary behind Semitone, Rob Petts, is a tech entrepreneur. With his passion for music and commitment to providing musicians with a superior marketplace experience, Petts has led Semitone to become a trusted destination for instrument enthusiasts worldwide.

Semitone’s successful funding round marks an important milestone in its journey to further enhance its offerings and reach a broader audience of musicians and enthusiasts.


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