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MamyPoko Pants launches Extra Absorb Pants, highlights #PowerofDeepSleep in its new campaign

New Delhi, 21st February 2024: MamyPoko Pants, one of India’s leading brands in baby diapers, has launched Extra Absorb Pants, the best absorbent pants that have been launched after extensive research of more than five years. This is the upgraded product by MamyPoko pants which comes with 30+ patented technologies.


The new and advanced product comes with the ability to facilitate deep absorption, which is essential for ensuring deep sleep in babies. To inform the target audience about the advanced product and the benefits it provides; the brand has devised a campaign to highlight the importance of deep absorption, ensuring a deep sleep for the child.

In this pursuit, it has come up with Extra Absorb Pants to relieve the stress of mothers in ensuring the well-being & good sleep of their babies. Reiterating the message that a happy and cheerful baby eventually contributes to the happiness of the mother, the new diaper harnesses the benefit of the FlexiFit feature to provide 2X protection from thigh leakage. At the same time, the additional third layer immensely enables deeper absorption for up to 12 hours. Likewise, the deeper absorbing capacity of the diapers translates to longer hours of uninterrupted deep sleep in children. Providing tranquil, long hours of deep sleep to the babies, in turn, allows mothers the much-needed extra time to resume their chores or indulge in recreation and hobbies to rejuvenate their energy after a short break.

The brand has rolled out a campaign #PowerofDeepSleep with an enthralling TVC to convey its objectives and benefits. And to further amplify its reach amongst target groups through digital platforms, the brand launched a DVC (Digital Video Commercial), and took an ingenious route to come up with an AI-led, CGI ad film to capture the imagination of the audience. The ad film explores the theme of uninterrupted deep sleep through the lens of an imaginative baby who delves into new adventures every day owing to an uninterrupted, peaceful deep sleep during the night.

The Digital TVC was further leveraged with a 360° approach entailing influencer activity for driving amplification across digital platforms. For driving campaign mileage amongst the target audience, MamyPoko Pants roped in television celebrity Neha Marda to tap the large audience base following the actress. Along with this, the brand collaborated with mommy bloggers to create visibility and, likewise, instill the top-of-the-mind recall value of the brand among the mothers.

The campaign has been conceptualized by Grapes, an integrated communication agency. Elaborating on the campaign, Shradha Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO of Grapes said, “The campaign provided us with a lot of insightful experience. Being driven by the desire to always intrigue the audience with a breakthrough concept, we came up with a comprehensive 360° approach to create awareness among the target audience while ensuring back-of-the-mind recall value.”

Speaking on the same, Toshiyuki Nakamura, Vice President of Marketing of Unicharm said, “The launch of the Extra Absorb Pants marks our commitment to ensure the comfort of babies aimed at enriching and easing the motherhood journey. In the quest to support mothers in raising their babies, we created the new product after conducting extensive research and integrating innovative technologies that ensure uninterrupted deep sleep. The product has been consciously devised to abide by the ethos of the brand promoting deep absorption to ensure deep sleep in children. Consequently, to enunciate the benefits of the product, we took an integrated approach to drive maximum visibility with the help of the campaign. Our new campaign has been conceptualized to organically engage with the mothers and in turn, build brand credibility and loyalty among them by taking care of their babies with the Extra Absorb Pants.”


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