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Altitude Capital Group Secures FINRA Approval, Strengthens Global Investment Services

Newport Beach, CA, March 11, 2024 — Altitude Capital Group has received approval from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), marking a significant step forward in expanding its investment banking and securities brokerage services internationally. This approval enables Altitude to enhance its efforts in capital raising and strategic advisory for both public and private companies, while also focusing on expanding its global base of high-net-worth investors.

“Obtaining FINRA approval is a critical milestone for Altitude, reinforcing our commitment to upholding the highest standards of service and compliance,” said Michael DiMeo, CEO of Altitude Capital Group. “This approval is a clear testament to our dedication to empowering our clients with informed, strategic financial solutions across the globe.”

In guiding their corporate clients through the intricate nuances of capital markets, Altitude leverages its expert knowledge and extensive experience. Altitude provides comprehensive advisory services, facilitate access to capital markets, and offer innovative wealth management strategies. Altitude’s high-net-worth clients benefit from access to a variety of private offerings, including pre-IPO opportunities and private placements, designed to align with their unique financial objectives and aspirations.

With RBC correspondent services as their clearing agent, Altitude is uniquely positioned to streamline their financial operations, enhancing their capacity to serve their clients effectively. Their endeavors are specifically geared towards sophisticated capital raising, bespoke advisory services for their corporate clients, and a wealth management practice that offers high-net-worth individuals’ access to unique investment opportunities. This strategic direction ensures they meet the diverse needs of clients, facilitating their progress in a dynamic global financial environment.


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