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Jatheon Named its position as a Trail Blazer

Toronto, Canada, March 16, 2024 –Sara Radicati, President and CEO at the Radicati Group, said: “Trail Blazers offer advanced, best of breed technology, and have a strategic vision that can push the industry forward. Jatheon’s progression to the Trail Blazer category highlights their significant strides in the information archiving space. Their consistent product enhancements and deep understanding of the market’s needs have distinguished them as a forward-thinking and dynamic player in our industry.”

Vendors were evaluated based on 19 functionality criteria and strategic direction. This year’s report lists Jatheon’s strengths such as archiving support for a broad range of data sources, ease of deployment, use and management, as well as automated migration.

Marko Dinic, CEO of Jatheon Technologies, commented on this achievement: “Being recognized as a Trail Blazer by The Radicati Group is both an honor and a reflection of our dedication to pushing the boundaries of data archiving. Our team’s relentless focus on integrating innovative AI technologies and tailoring our solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients has been pivotal in our growth and success. We’ve been included in the report for eight consecutive years, but this year’s leap is significant, as it positions us alongside other industry leaders and acknowledges our role in shaping the future of the industry.”


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