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Engineered Energy Equipment Joins Selas Heat Technology Representative Network

Engineered Energy Equipment Joins Selas Heat Technology Representative Network

Lakeland, FL, February 24, 2024 –Selas Heat Technology LLL has announced that Engineered Energy Equipment (EEE) has joined their representative network. EEE, based in Lakeland, FL, has been appointed Selas’s authorized representative for Selas’ combustion equipment in Florida.

Selas Heat Technology LLC has a century-long history of supplying one of the world’s broadest ranges of industrial combustion equipment through its five core brands: Selas, Pyronics, Red Ray, Ensign Ribbon Burner, and Ray Burner.

“We’re pleased to welcome EEE’s Sales Team of Hubble Keller, Kevin Warren, Zack Kingry, and Kelly Stuart Williams to the Selas team,” said Jeff Rafter, VP of Sales and Marketing for Selas Heat Technology LLC. The team at EEE is highly respected in Florida’s boiler, combustion, and heating industry. The many users, specifiers, and integrators of industrial combustion equipment in Florida will greatly benefit from EEE’s knowledge, responsiveness, and service capabilities,” Rafter added.

The team at EEE will work with Selas Senior Sales Channel Manager Paul Lavenberg, himself a 20-plus year veteran of the combustion industry. Mr. Lavenberg commented, “We’re eager to work with respected, customer-focused professionals like the team at EEE. We’re already making progress in helping customers solve their combustion engineering challenges.”

In Florida’s diverse manufacturing sector, there’s considerable interest in Selas products for low-temperature ovens and dryers. Additionally, wash tank burners, infrared heating systems, and high-temp furnace combustion systems are in demand too. The prevalence of food industry facilities and agriculture production also continue to drive deman for Selas’ ERB Ribbon Burners.”


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