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eInvoicing: Factur-X, XRechnung & ZUGFeRD in Perfect PDF 12

eInvoicing: Factur-X, XRechnung & ZUGFeRD in Perfect PDF 12

Bochum, Germany, February 22, 2024 — In Germany, the obligation to use real electronic invoices, planned to start on January 1, 2025, is coming. This means from that date, unstructured PDF or image files, or even paper invoices, should no longer be used. In anticipation of this, soft Xpansion already offers several functions for eInvoicing in its Perfect PDF 12 software family in accordance with the European Union’s requirements (creation, editing, display and conversion of the supported Factur-X and XRechnung standards). Prices start from 7 Euros: Users can choose between an Upgrade (also for the free Perfect PDF 12 Reader) and the stand-alone Perfect E-Rechnung program edition. With both products, it is also possible to create XML files, i.e. the real, structured invoice files. Familiarity with the XML data format and with the technical details of Factur-X, ZUGFeRD or XRechnung is not required.

Electronic Invoicing: Advantages
With eInvoices, invoice data is sent electronically in a structured form, can be received automatically and processed automatically as well – unlike with a paper invoice, image or simple PDF file. eInvoices therefore provide end-to-end digital processing – from invoice creation to payment. This saves time and costs.

Functional Overview & Tutorial
The feature overview is listed on the product page on the web site. Additionally, a detailed tutorial helps customers on how to use the most important eInvoicing functions of Perfect PDF 12.

Current Legal Situation in Germany & Resulting Opportunities
The mandatory use of electronic invoices is planned to start no earlier than on January 1, 2025. Furthermore, not all details have been finalized so far, the law that this obligation will be based on is currently discussed in the “Bundesrat/Bundestag Mediation Committee” (Vermittlungsausschuss), and there will be transitional deadlines. However: The eInvoice is coming, and any delays until the corresponding law comes into force only gives invoice issuers and recipients more time to prepare for the new situation in good time. Such delays can be used to monitor current developments, check existing software solutions to design invoicing processes correctly right from the start. Waiting, drinking tea or coffee and doing nothing for the time being would be the wrong strategy.

Prices, Availability, License Scope
– Program Upgrade: EUR 20 (one-time payment/lifetime license) or EUR 7 (annual subscription)
– Perfect E-Rechnung Edition: EUR 49.99 (one-time payment) or EUR 19.99 (annual subscription)
– Volume Discounts: for 2 licenses and more
– Availability: Exclusively in the web shop at
– License Scope: Each license may be used on one additional device (1 license for 2 devices, 2 licenses for 3 devices, and so on)


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