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Yoga to HIIT: A guide to wearing the right active wear for different forms of workout for optimal comfort

Striving for fitness comes with far-reaching perks – a positive mind-set, heightened activity, enhanced productivity, and radiant skin, alongside an improved physique. Embarking on a fitness journey is simple – all one must do is start moving, whether it is a brief run or periodic stretching. The rewards are more significant than one might anticipate.


With a fitness plan ready, the next step is finding the right workout wear that aligns with the workout goals and lifestyle, and there’s no dearth of options in choosing workout wear that offers maximum flexibility and comfort with a touch of style. Jockey India, shares a few active wear options from their MOVE collection which you can explore when working out.


For yoga, snug-fitting leggings or capris provide optimal alignment and comfort. Tank tops made of cotton and lycra work well as the natural cotton fibers absorb moisture while the lycra ensures the tank stretches with your body. Loose tees hinder movement, so sports bras or lightweight moisture-wicking tops and tank tops are the best option

HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training

High-Intensity Interval Training demands outfits that work with your vigorous movements. Men can opt for breathable tops and shorts, while women should choose tees, tanks, and full-length or cropped leggings with moisture-wicking features. A sports bra designed for high-impact activities is a must.


Running demands well-ventilated and moisture-absorbing clothes. Therefore, it is important to opt for breathable running clothes that help one keep cool and protected from the sun. Do not miss adding comfortable socks to prevent rubbing and optimum moisture absorption. One could consider good quality track pants, tees, and socks for an excellent combination of comfort and performance.


Zumba is all about fun and movement. For women, a supportive sports bra, leggings or capris, and a breathable top are ideal. For men, opt for comfortable joggers or shorts and a breathable tee or tank.


Pilates, focusing on core strength, requires form-fitting clothes. Women can choose sports bras, flexible tees, and comfortable bottoms. Men may opt for bottoms with internal drawcords, tanks and tees with good stretchability.


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