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Titan’s ‘Hills are Alive’ Campaign Empowers Women, Builds Water Resilience

Bengaluru, 05 June 2024: Titan Company Ltd. in collaboration with Himmotthan, a Tata Trusts initiative, announced the release of a video titled “The Hills Are Alive,” showcasing the impactful Himmotthan Springshed Program. This powerful film reveals the transformative journey of the Pahadi community in the Tehri district of Uttarakhand, shedding light on the critical issue of water scarcity and the inspiring efforts to address it.

Nestled amidst the clouds, the beauty of the terrain in Tehri district hides some harsh truths. The Pahadi community in Manjyad Gaon, known for their warm smiles and unwavering resilience, has faced significant challenges due to the changing climate. Hotter summers and erratic rains have dried up topsoil, preventing groundwater replenishment. This left women and children walking up to six hours daily to fetch water, impacting their education, safety, and quality of life.

Recognizing the dire need for a solution, Titan joined forces with Himmotthan in 2013, particularly after the devastating Uttarakhand floods. Together, they initiated a comprehensive springshed management plan to rejuvenate dried springs, constructed trenches, and percolation tanks across 60 villages in Tehri. This effort, largely driven by the women of the community, has captured rainwater and significantly reduced the water deficit, raising per capita water availability from 17 to 55 litres per day.

Mr. Sirish Chandrashekar, Head – Corporate Brand, Titan Company Limited commented, “The video, The Hills Are Alive, is more than a campaign; it’s a narrative of hope and transformation. It beautifully encapsulates the spirit of the women in Tehri and the tangible impact of the Himmotthan Water Program. We are honored to bring this story to reach more people.”

The Himmotthan Water Program has not only offset 126 million litres water from the the community’s annual water deficit of 359 million litres by end of second, but also helped reduce drudgery of women and children on an average by 3 hours daily, resulting an improved quality of life.

Maitri Ramkumar and Madhur Das, Digital Heads, Ogilvy South shared that, “They say without water we cannot imagine life yet the residents of these villages lived it for years. To showcase the impact of the Titan Sponsored Spring Shed Management initiative we chose to give the audience a peek into a day in that life through the eyes of a mother. This story finds its roots in real life accounts of the women of Manjyad.”


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