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This weekend, ‘Madness Machayenge – India Ko Hasayenge’ welcomes ‘Comedy Genius’ Shakti Kapoor

Having given Indian cinema some of its most memorable dialogues like, “Main hu Nandu, sabka bandhu,” “Aau! Lalita!” and more, versatile Bollywood actor Shakti Kapoor has ruled the entertainment industry with his iconic villainous and comedy roles. This Sunday, Shakti Kapoor will be seen as a special guest on Sony Entertainment Television’s comedy show, Madness Machayenge – India Ko Hasayenge.’ In this episode, viewers will also see an interesting revelation wherein Huma Qureshi talks about her first-ever celebrity encounter which happens to be with none other than Shakti Kapoor.

mad ness machaengey india ko hasayenge

Returning on popular demand, the show will present yet another rendition of the ‘Animal Spoof’ where Kushal Badrike will play the role of ‘Balraj,’ Kettan Singhwill be seen as ‘Ranvijay’, and Hemangi Kavi will be the meditation instructor who tries hard to calm Ranvijay’s uncontrolled rage, only to end up in a funny meditation catastrophe! With Shakti Kapoor’s hilarious commentary adding to the fun, it will be a performance worthy of a standing ovation. Host Harsh Gujral hits the stage with a stand-up set that delves into the bizarre and innocent behaviours of men, winning praise and respect from both Shakti Kapoor and Huma Qureshi. But the comedy doesn’t end there; Paritosh Tripathi and Snehil Mehra Dixit aka BC Aunty have a passionate comedic debate about Pet v/s Pati, leaving the audience in stitches.

Joining forces with Kushal Badrike, renowned actress and comedian Chitrashi Rawat will be a part of the ‘Papu Xerox Gag,’ navigating the comedic chaos of a rich girl narrating stories about her boyfriend to her sceptical father. Siddharth Sagar steps into the limelight with a hilarious impersonation of Shakti Kapoor’s classmate while Gaurav Dubey, Hemangi Kavi, and Inder Sahani play a yoga instructor, a celebrity, and a photographer respectively in a rib-tickling paparazzi gag. And, amid the laughter and applause, Huma Qureshi takes a moment to learn classic dialogues from Shakti Kapoor himself, leaving everyone nostalgic!


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