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STALICLA Appoints Dr. Thomas Blaettler, MD

April 11, 2024
Geneva, Switzerland
STALICLA SA, a Swiss clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on advancing precision medicine for brain diseases, announced today the appointment of Thomas Blaettler, to the position of Chief Medical Officer.

thomas bateller

Dr. Thomas Blaettler brings a wealth of pharmaceutical development experience and deep insights to help progress STALICLA’s ambitions in CNS conditions. He is a board-certified neurologist with 30 years’ experience in neuroscience, both in clinical residency and within the industry (Novartis, BMS, Roche, Orphazyme, Coave Therapeutics, Vectura Fertin Pharma).

As a clinician, he is driven by the desire to advance clinical research for the benefit of patients who are in dire need of better treatments. He has published both preclinical and clinical research articles in top-tier journals such as Nature, Cell, PNAS and Lancet. With time, he has assumed roles with increasing strategic responsibility, overseeing global clinical development programs from Phase 1 to Phase 3.

Thomas has profound regulatory experience across the globe (EMA, FDA, PMDA, CFDA) from pre-IND interaction to submissions of NDAs and MAAs. As Chief Medical Officer at Orphazyme, he established a clinical development and regulatory organization, overseeing four late-stage development programs. In recent years, he was instrumentally involved in two successful IPOs at the Copenhagen and New York Nasdaq stock exchanges. Thomas completed his Doctor of Medicine at the University of Zurich and gained board certification from the Swiss Society of Neurology in 2003.

“We are delighted to welcome Thomas during a pivotal time where his proven track record in navigating clinical and strategic development will support the advancement of STALICLA’s late-stage Phase 2 and 3 clinical pipelines for precision medicine treatment of neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders. His focus on biomarker lead strategies in CNS drug development is an ideal fit with our science and vision to pioneer precision medicine in the neurodevelopmental disorder space.” – Lynn Durham, CEO & Founder.

“I am thrilled to be joining STALICLA, a biotechnical company that is leading the way in future precision medicine in NDDs and other CNS disorders. Moving away from the one size fits all concept in drug development, with modest if at all treatment effects, to tailored treatments that take into account the clinical and pathophysiological heterogeneity of patient populations will revolutionize the way we treat patients.”- Thomas Blaettler, MD.


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