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Skyflow Raises $30 Million led by Khosla Ventures for Data Privacy in AI and Global Data Residency

Skyflow, the data privacy vault company, has raised $30 million to extend its Series B funding. Khosla Ventures led the round, joined by prior investors Mouro Capital, Foundation Capital and Canvas Ventures. The investment follows revenue growth of more than 210% and quick adoption in the emerging market of sensitive data protection for Large Language Models (LLMs).


Skyflow is a data privacy vault built to radically simplify how companies isolate, protect, and govern their customers’ most sensitive data. With its global network of data privacy vaults, it is a comprehensive solution for companies looking to securely implement LLMs and meet complex data localization requirements. Skyflow supports nearly a billion records of user data for global customers like GoodRx, Lenovo, and Hippocratic AI, and processes more than two billion API calls quarterly.

“With the advent of enterprise applications powered by AI, the need for trust and privacy infrastructure is key to protecting sensitive data,” said Vinod Khosla, founder of Khosla Ventures. “Skyflow is rethinking how data can be managed and protected across any app, cloud or LLM, making it a company that will be vital for every enterprise business.”

“We see an urgent need for companies to make privacy a core part of their technology stack as LLMs and AI hurdle forward, ingesting more and more personal data,” said Anshu Sharma, co-founder and CEO of Skyflow. “Skyflow is the only solution that allows companies to build privacy by design into their technological infrastructure without overhauling anything – anywhere in the world.”

Skyflow is powered by a proprietary technology called polymorphic encryption, which is the only way of encrypting data on the market that makes it possible to protect data without sacrificing its usability for critical business operations, such as analytics, marketing, and customer support.

Data Privacy and Security is the #1 Barrier to Enterprise Adoption of Generative AI

LLM adoption is increasing across the market even though there are few data protection mechanisms in place, putting compliance, security, and privacy at risk. Once sensitive data enters a model it’s almost impossible to remove, which means something like a data deletion request – which many new privacy laws require companies to be able to execute – becomes much more difficult.

Skyflow acts as a privacy trust layer, helping companies prevent sensitive data from going into AI models in the first place. This makes the adoption of generative AI simpler and safer. Skyflow customers can define sensitive terms as they see fit, allowing them to protect sensitive information even beyond PII (Personally Identifiable Information) or company intellectual property.

Skyflow Now Offers Data Residency in China

Skyflow recently expanded its data residency solution to support China, enabling global companies to scale in Asia without significant changes to their technology stacks. This simplifies compliance with China’s most stringent data privacy and security regulations: Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) and Cybersecurity Law (CSL).

Skyflow’s global data privacy vault infrastructure covers regional and national data localization requirements for more than 150+ countries already, allowing customers to isolate, protect, govern, and localize sensitive data easily wherever they operate.


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