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RPG Foundation and Love Your Parks Mumbai join hands to present ‘Kulture bay

Mumbai, April 5th, 2024: The Heritage Project (THP), an initiative of RPG Foundation, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Love Your Parks Mumbai (LYP) for ‘Kulture Bay’, a vibrant cultural event set to take place on Friday, 5th April 2024, from 5:30 PM onwards at Gora Dapkal ground in Worli Koliwada.

‘Kulture Bay’ is a celebration of the rich cultural heritage of Worli Koliwada, brought to life through music, art, and culinary delights. The event marks a significant milestone in THP’s ongoing “The Worli Koliwada Transformation Project,” aimed at revitalizing this historic site through various interventions.

“Kulture Bay represents a harmonious blend of heritage preservation, community engagement, and cultural celebration,” said Radha Goenka, Director – RPG Foundation. “Through this event, we aim to create a platform for showcasing the rich culture of Mumbai while fostering a sense of pride and ownership among the local community.” Radha extends a warm invitation to Mumbaikars to immerse themselves in the cultural extravaganza of ‘Kulture Bay.’ She emphasizes, “We invite all Mumbaikars to join us at ‘Kulture Bay’ and experience the vibrancy of Worli Koliwada’s cultural heritage firsthand. It promises to be an unforgettable celebration of art, music, and community.”

In partnership with LYP, which advocates for open spaces in Mumbai and curates outdoor experiences, ‘Kulture Bay’ aims to strengthen the connection to public heritage sites and make them accessible to diverse audiences. Set against the picturesque backdrop of the Arabian Sea at sunset, the event will feature captivating performances by artist Neel Adhikari and the band, Fox in the Garden.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to participate in interactive art sessions and a sketch walk, immersing themselves in the cultural richness of the area. Additionally, traditional Koli cuisine prepared by local chefs will be available, providing a taste of the vibrant culinary heritage of Worli Koliwada.

The event endeavours to revive culture, promote the use of open spaces in dense indigenous communities, and uncover hidden gems within the city. Moreover, it seeks to empower women in Worli Koliwada by providing training and income opportunities through traditional culinary skills.

‘Kulture Bay’ promises to be a memorable evening filled with music, art, and gastronomic delights, offering attendees an opportunity to experience the eclectic culture of Mumbai.


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