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Rohan Joshi in conversation with Uorfi | Uncancellable with Uorfi Javed

Rohan Joshi on Staying Grounded: Lessons in Humility from Mumbai’s Celebrity Culture

While talking about fame and popularity on Uncancellable with Uorfi Javed, Rohan Joshi shares, “One of the things that I like being in Mumbai is especially it taught me to be very humble, about popularity, very early.” “I live in a city where I have seen real fame. I’m famous with a small “F”. “I live 4 km away from Shahrukh Khan in this direction and 3 km away from Amitabh Bachchan’s house in this direction. If I go for a jog on Sunday yaha Aukat pata chalti hai”.

This is the city that keeps you humble, having walked alongside Shahrukh Khan and seeing people’s faces when they see him. That’s fame!

Inside Uncancellable with Uorfi Javed: Uorfi’s Fear of Fading Fame & Rohan’s Resilience

In a candid conversation on Uncancellable with Uorfi Javed, Rohan says he doesn’t have any life lessons, but one thing he learnt is that – you fall down & get up, and find the things that keep you going. “In my case, it was as simple as I’m just gonna keep writing comedy. The thing I always keep coming back to is – I will write and write and write and I will get up on the stage and write or I will make a video or I will make a reel.” Rohan adds, “then there’s the other important things in life like friends and the people you love and the people that love you. Then you also realize that life is more than amazing as AIB was, as amazing as my life and career is right now.

Uorfi replied saying “I differ, I feel scared that the popularity that I have should only go up. I’m scared that if it goes away, I can’t go back to being not a popular person anymore.”

Rohan expresses his fear regarding algorithms and aging. He realizes that at some point, regardless of effort, algorithms may no longer value one’s content. He has made peace with the fact that there will be days with zero likes, zero followers, and followers lost. Uorfi shares her nightmare and not being able to sleep if her likes or followers decrease. Uorfi emphasizes the importance of her followers for her success, stating that she is very ambitious and not laid-back.

Uorfi and Rohan Joshi plan their engagement (for engagement)

While discussing how social media treats women especially Uorfi and men’s comments on her picture asking ‘who will marry a girl like you’, Uorfi describes how she feels about this and asks Rohan “Would you marry a girl like me?” to which Rohan shares his point of view “What is a girl like you?. What is this generalization?”. “There is no girl like this or girl like that, it’s do I get along with that person, short answer – Yes Uorfi, I would definitely marry a girl like you (laughs)”

She playfully gaslights Rohan by initially rejecting his proposal, suggesting she’ll plan their engagement instead. She jokes about arranging their engagement with the sponsorship of brands, ensuring everything is free, and even suggesting they’ll make money out of it. She reassures Rohan not to worry, as she’ll secure numerous sponsors for their engagement, ensuring a lavish affair without any financial concerns.

Creative Sparks Fly as Rohan Proposes 1000 Wedding Rings Dress Idea

In a candid conversation on Uncancellable with Uorfi Javed, Rohan proposes an unconventional idea for “a wedding dress made of 1000 wedding rings”. He enthusiastically shares his outfit plans, to which Uorfi expresses her admiration for the idea, stating she would like to do it. However, Rohan jokingly warns Uorfi that if he secures brand sponsorship for the idea and makes money out of it, he’ll sue her if she doesn’t give him, his cut. Rohan jests that if he sees Uorfi wearing the wedding dress on their big day, he’ll demand his share of the profit.

Uorfi’s Dating Diary: Royal Connections, Ghosting, and Moving On

Uorfi shares an experience from her dating life, recounting a relationship with a man in Delhi who had royal connections. She expressed her frustration over his lack of commitment and his tendency to ghost her for extended periods, including during Valentine’s week when he claimed to be in the hospital. Uorfi doubted he was cheating on her with another woman, while one day he told her, “Main apni mummy ko conference pe lagaunga, Meri mummy ko shaq hogaya hai”, so he told his mom, “me Uorfi se aise randomly baat karuga, aap dekhlena kuch nahi hai”. Uorfi said, “I knew it, uski mummy nahi, uski girlfriend ko shaq ho raha hai, he is double timing me so I did something crazy. When he called saying ‘Han Uorfi kaisi ho’ toh mene kaha bas tumhari yaad me paagal ho rahi hu.” Uorfi gladly moved on, actively using dating apps.

Rohan’s Run-Ins with Police FIRs & Uorfi’s Battle with Online Backlash

In the latest episode of Uncancellable with Uorfi Javed, Rohan shares his experience on how he dealt with the police FIRs. “Police station bahot gaya hu, main mayor tha voh police station ka”. “Me itni baar gaya tha Tardeo police station, bahot chakkar lagaye hai maine, mast maza aaya”. Uorfi also shared her experience “Mere saath bhi hua tha. Someone filed an FIR against me a case against me in the court – for Outraging the modesty of women”. “MYSELF! Because I wore that particular dress in a reel – I outraged my own modesty”.


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