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RiteBite Max Protein Launches Swachhata Warriors Campaign for Cleaner India on World Environment Day

RiteBite Max Protein Launches Swachhata Warriors Campaign for a Cleaner India on World Environment Day

National, 5th June 2024 – In light of World Environment Day, RiteBite Max Protein is proud to announce the launch of the Max Protein Swachhata Warriors campaign. This initiative aims to promote cleanliness and environmental responsibility among citizens, encouraging them to take an active role in maintaining clean public spaces.

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The Max Protein Swachhata Warriors campaign focuses on several key objectives. The primary goal is to promote public cleanliness by encouraging citizens to participate in cleaning activities across various public spaces, including beaches, parks, and streets.

The campaign highlights eco-friendly practices, advocating for proper waste segregation, recycling, and reducing plastic use to minimize environmental impact. Ultimately, the campaign aims to inspire change by motivating individuals to adopt eco-friendly habits and take proactive steps towards keeping their surroundings clean.

Additionally, the campaign seeks to raise environmental awareness, educating people about the importance of maintaining cleanliness for environmental sustainability and community health. By fostering community involvement, the initiative brings together volunteers from different walks of life to work towards a common goal, fostering a sense of community and shared responsibility.

Key highlights of the campaign also include volunteer activities such as beach clean-up drives, encouraging community participation. The campaign will also feature collaborations with environmental NGOs to maximize impact. Social media campaigns will be utilized to spread awareness and engage a broader audience.

Dr. Ravinder Varma, Brand Manager at RiteBite Max Protein, shares his vision for the campaign, stating, “At RiteBite Max Protein, we understand that true health extends beyond our bodies to the environment we live in. Cleanliness is vital for both personal well-being and the health of our communities. With the Max Protein Swachhata Warriors campaign, we aim to give back to society by supporting the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. By combining the energy and vitality that our protein products provide with a commitment to environmental stewardship, we empower individuals to take responsibility for their surroundings. Together, we strive to create a cleaner, healthier, and more beautiful India.”

This campaign, from its inception to collaboration with the Khushiyaan Foundation and its execution, has been spearheaded entirely by the in-house team at Max Protein. Dr. Ravinder Varma and Mr. Shivam Tiwari from the Max Protein team have taken the lead in driving this initiative.

In collaboration with the Khushiyaan Foundation, led by Mr. Chinu Kwatra, the campaign gains an experienced and passionate partner. Mr. Kwatra, a dedicated social worker from Thane, has been working towards the betterment of society since 2014. His simple mantra, “Insaan Bano” (Be Human), has driven him to successfully launch projects like Beach Warriors, Roti Ghar, Naari-Shakti, and Project Pathshala. Grateful to his young team, he established the NGO Khushiyaan Foundation, under which these projects operate.

Commenting on the same, Mr. Chinu Kwatra said, “Beach Warriors is team of youngster Founded by me in 2017 and I believe that youth are the real change maker. Similarly, protein bars of RiteBite Max Protein are real change maker as it’s gives you right amount of protein which is much needed for the body. I sincerely thank the brand RiteBite Max Protein for choosing Beach Warriors and hoping for great long-term partnership.”

After completing his Masters in Finance and Marketing in 2014, Chinu worked in a reputed firm for three years before leaving his job to serve the nation. His goal is to see India as a developed nation. His achievements include being a Limca Book of Records Holder (2019 Edition), a Top 10 finalist of iVolunteers Awards, and being recognized as a Green Hero by Hindustan Times and an Earth Hero (2018) by The Better India.

Together, we can all make a significant difference. Whether it’s picking up litter during a morning walk or organizing a clean-up drive in your neighbourhood, every small effort counts. This World Environment Day, let’s all unite in our efforts and work towards a cleaner, greener future for our communities and our planet.


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