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RiteBite Max Protein Celebrates Brother’s Day by Showcasing the Unique Bond Among Gym Bro

National, 24th May 2024 – In celebration of Brother’s Day, RiteBite Max Protein proudly announces its latest campaign, “Bhaiology,” which delves into the unique bond shared by gym bros. This campaign centers around the powerful word “bhai,” encapsulating a range of emotions, expressions, and interactions within the gym bro community. Through this initiative, RiteBite Max Protein aims to highlight the shared experiences of fitness enthusiasts while integrating itself as an essential component of their fitness journey.

  The “Bhaiology” reel features a series of scenes, each depicting various situations where the term “bhai” is central to the dialogue, conveying nuanced meanings. These scenarios highlight camaraderie, as gym buddies exchange gestures of approval, with “bhai” representing respect and admiration for each other’s dedication. Amid challenges, one friend supports another with the word “bhai,” symbolizing solidarity in overcoming obstacles together. Acts of generosity are shown, like sharing a protein shake, accompanied by an inclusive term, illustrating camaraderie and the readiness to share resources. Furthermore, scenes of celebration depict friends exchanging expressions of excitement, commemorating victories and accomplishments.

 Commenting on the same, Dr. Ravinder Varma, Brand Manager, RiteBite Max Protein said, “Brother’s Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate the unique camaraderie that exists among gym bros. By focusing on the simple yet profound word ‘bhai,’ we aim to resonate with our audience’s experiences and showcase how RiteBite Max Protein is an integral part of their fitness lifestyle”

 The Schbang team has been instrumental in shaping the brand identity for this campaign and providing extensive support during its implementation. The campaign showcases a distinctive combination of creativity and fun.

 Adding to the same, Manish Kinger, Executive Creative Director, Schbang said, “Bhais all over the world have a unique brocabulary, they don’t speak much but they have no problem in expressing the length and breadth and depth of all they want to say, with just one word “bhai”. This hard-wired bhaiology is what we wanted to bring to light and there could not have been a better brand and a better occasion to do the same.”

 RiteBite Max Protein’s campaign goes beyond brotherhood, highlighting a bond forged in sweat, support, and shared goals. They call each other “bhai,” but it’s a word that carries the weight of unspoken loyalty and a fierce love that thrives in the crucible of self-improvement. Gym bros celebrate each other’s wins, nudge each other through failures, and collectively journey towards greatness.


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