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Revitalize with M&S Beauty’s Formula Skincare

Healthy and glowing skin is a result of nourishment and protection. Maintaining optimal skin hydration, nutrient delivery and protection is essential for preserving skin’s health and vitality. Introducing M&S Beauty Formula range featuring cutting edge formulations for a broad spectrum of skin types. Smoothing serums, plumping creams and intensive treatment masks are powered by innovative technologies to rejuvenate complexion and target specific skin concerns. The Formula range includes a hero line up of quality skincare products for the ultimate tailored skincare regime.


The Formula collection has two subranges:

Sleep & Replenish includes Matrixyl 3000 and Marula Oil, which supports skin’s natural rhythm and reduce signs of stress, leaving skin looking rejuvenated and fresh. Restore & Nourish range is designed for delicate, mature skin, offering renewed resilience, instant hydration and comfort. With Ceramides and collagen-boosting ingredients making skin soft, hydrated and revitalized.



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