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Rashtrotthana Hospital, Bengaluru Marks a Milestone as the First Hospital Under Rashtrotthana Parishat to Implement Contactless Remote Patient Monitoring with Dozee to Enhance Patient Safety

Bangalore, India, 15th April 2024: Jayadev Memorial Rashtrotthana Hospital & Research Centre, a leading 162-bed Integrated Multi-Specialty Tertiary Care Hospital, has announced the adoption of Dozee’s advanced AI-based Contactless and continuous Patient Monitoring and Early Warning System (EWS). This implementation establishes Jayadev Memorial Rashtrotthana Hospital as the pioneer among South Indian hospitals affiliated with Rashtrotthana Parishat, showcasing their commitment to leveraging “Made in India’ technology for enhanced patient safety, continuum of care, and to elevate overall patient care standards.

The Non-ICU ward beds in Jayadev Memorial Rashtrotthana Hospital & Research Centre are equipped with next-generation ambulatory connected patient monitoring systems enabling contactless continuous vitals monitoring and an Early warning alert system by Dozee. Dozee’s solution is cloud-enabled and comes with a central and remote patient monitoring capability that empowers healthcare providers to monitor the patient continuously and more effectively to provide timely medical interventions for improved patient safety and clinical outcomes. Automation and digitalization of vital data and operational processes are significant for Jayadev Memorial Rashtrotthana Hospital & Research Centre in its journey to provide Quality healthcare to every Indian.

Jayadev Memorial Rashtrotthana Hospital & Research Centre is a part of Rashtrotthana Parishat established with the objective of providing affordable, high quality and human healthcare to people of all strata of the society. The Hospital has 19 general wards, 72 semi private wards, 11 emergency wards and 17 private wards, totalling 162 beds equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Jayadev Memorial Rashtrotthana Hospital & Research Centre adopts Dozee's advanced AI-based Contactless and continuous Patient Monitoring

Dozee enables healthcare workers to remotely monitor patients’ vital parameters such as heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, SPO2 levels, temperature, and ECG. Dozee’s Early Warning System (EWS) tracks the trends of vital parameters and provides alerts to healthcare providers for early detection of patients’ clinical deterioration, enabling timely medical intervention. Dozee uses AI-based Ballistocardiography (BCG) for contactless vitals monitoring. Dozee’s technology is patented and made in India. Dozee’s innovative technology significantly impacts patient safety, clinical outcome, and operational efficiency. Research done by independent consulting firm Sattva shows that for every ~100 Dozee connected beds, it can save ~144 lives and ~80% of the time taken for vitals by nurses and reduce ICU ALOS by ~1.3 days.

Dr. (Col) Anand Shankar, HOD Anaesthesiology and ER, Jayadev Memorial Rashtrotthana Hospital & Research Centre, Bangalore said “As the healthcare landscape undergoes continual transformation, it is imperative for healthcare providers to adapt and arm themselves with cutting-edge tools for delivering optimal patient care. Our fundamental commitment to providing high-quality care and improving patient outcomes aligns seamlessly with our decision to partner with Dozee, a ‘Made in India’ contactless and continuous patient monitoring solution. By embracing this healthcare innovation early on, we position ourselves at the forefront of setting new standards for patient safety in the country, with the potential to save lives. We are delighted to be part of this journey with Dozee.”

Dr. Atmaram D C, Medical Director, Rashtrotthana Hospital, shared his perspective on the adoption of Dozee’s technology, stating, ” Jayadev Memorial Hospital is a 162-bed Integrated Multispecialty hospital focused on providing affordable quality health care to people of all sections of the society. With patient safety as our top priority, Dozee’s AI based contactless monitoring system with its early warning system helps us effectively provide time-based interventions for better care. Its cloud-enabled technology allows our doctors to remotely monitor their patients’ vitals and advice accordingly. The data collected is of vital importance and probably will lay the foundation for all our future research studies.

Dr. Shyla H N, Medical Administrator, Jayadev Memorial Rashtrotthana Hospital & Research Centre, Bangalore expressed enthusiasm about the hospital’s commitment to embracing connected care system said, “The integration of Dozee into our patient care protocols reflects our commitment to embracing cutting-edge technologies that enhance healthcare delivery, At the Heart of Rashtrotthana Hospital are our core values, compassion excellence innovation and commitment embracing technological advancement and refining our methodology. We are committed in our pursuit of excellence and amidst evolution lies our commitment to compassionate care and service to the community.

“It’s our privilege to join hands with a prestigious institution like Jayadev Memorial Rashtrotthana Hospital & Research Centre as we aim to leverage technology to enhance patient safety and improve clinical outcomes and nursing efficiency. Adoption of continuous ward monitoring and Early Warning Systems is pivotal for delivering quality healthcare at scale. This collaboration is a testament to the growing role of Indian innovation in shaping the future of healthcare globally.” said Mudit Dandwate, Dozee’s CEO and Co-founder.

Jayadev Memorial Rashtrotthana Hospital & Research Centre’s decision to adopt Dozee exemplifies its dedication to staying at the forefront of healthcare innovation, ensuring that patients receive the highest standard of care in a technologically advanced and patient-centric environment. The hospital has renowned doctors and specialists in the field of Modern Medicine, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Yoga & Naturopathy providing expert care with a holistic approach.


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