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QualityKiosk Named Exclusive Partner for Developing CBD’s Testing Center

Mumbai, May 10th, 2024: QualityKiosk Technologies (QK), a global leader in reliability engineering solutions, is broadening its partnership with Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) to enhance the bank’s digital experiences to its customers.

QK will join forces with CBD to develop CBD’s Testing Centre of Excellence (TCoE), an extensive digital transformation initiative aimed at modernizing the bank’s technology ecosystem. This strategic alliance includes enabling predictive risk minimization, delivering quality engineering efficiencies, and enhancing productivity – all aligned with CBD’s overarching objective of enabling advanced digital banking services.


The strategic partnership was announced at the Dubai FinTech Summit 2024, and was signed by Ali Imran, Chief Operating Officer of Commercial Bank of Dubai and Maneesh Jhawar, Founder and CEO of QualityKiosk Technologies.

“As leaders in digital banking, our goal is to provide unparalleled digital solutions and ensure a seamless banking experience for our customers. Our partnership with QK is instrumental in realizing our vision of advancing tech-forward and customer-centric banking. Drawing from our previous achievements, we are confident that working with QualityKiosk will expedite the realization of our goals under our Technology Strategy Refresh initiative, leveraging an adaptable and intelligent TCoE.” said Ali Imran, Chief Operating Officer of Commercial Bank of Dubai.

“It has been a pleasure interacting and collaborating with CBD on this journey,” Maneesh Jhawar, Founder and CEO of QualityKiosk Technologies, said. He further added, “With strong reliability engineering principles in place, we will soon become a state-of-the-art, AI-first TCoE.”

The exclusive partnership builds on a year of successful collaboration between CBD and QK. Together, they established CBD’s initial TCoE with industry-best processes and systems, automated 300,000 test executions, centralized 150,000 test cases, and virtualized over 100 services to drive the on-time completion of 35+ customer-facing digital modernization projects. The projects’ shared successes fuelled a strong partnership, culminating in QualityKiosk’s selection as the exclusive quality and reliability engineering partner for CBD’s TCoE.

“At CBD, we are committed to providing outstanding digital banking experiences. Our partnership with QK will enable us to leverage best practices and cutting-edge technologies to continue scaling our Technology Strategy Refresh initiative and enhance customer experiences with innovative digital banking solutions.” said Thomas Cherian, CBD’s Chief Information Officer.

“Our collaboration with CBD will leverage our proprietary AI expertise and platforms to operate at top speed and adapt to the bank’s changing business and innovation needs,” Ravishankar Gopalan, Advisory Board member at QualityKiosk, said.


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