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NEET UG 2024 Result: How Increased Cutoff Will Affect Admissions

According to Mr. Akash Sharma, Director Admission & Outreach at Noida International University, this year’s higher NEET cut-off scores will significantly impact the MBBS admissions landscape. Key effects include heightened competitiveness, increased reliance on private schools, strategic changes in student choices, a rise in alternative medical careers, and the growing importance of coaching institutes. These changes emphasize the need for a comprehensive approach in medical education policies to ensure that meritocracy does not compromise accessibility and inclusivity in the healthcare sector.

 This year’s hike in cutoff scores for medical college admissions has a substantial influence on both students and the educational landscape. Higher cutoff scores mean that even high- achieving students may struggle to gain admission to premier medical colleges, causing feelings of unfairness and added stress. This increasing rivalry may also cause private medical colleges to boost their tuition, further stressing families’ finances. It is difficult for government colleges and students to choose the rank and college for admission. Private colleges will also have problems obtaining reliable student rankings.

 The objective is to support students and ensure they have access to the greatest possible education. We will provide appropriate counseling services to assist students in managing stress and exploring their options. We are lobbying for fair and reasonable tuition costs at private medical colleges, as well as boosting the availability of scholarships and financial aid to help more students pay for their studies. We are also looking into partnerships with overseas medical schools and alternative pathways to provide more choices for students. Additionally, we will conduct workshops to help students better prepare for entrance exams and understand the admission process more thoroughly.


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