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More than 930 St. George’s University Students Secure U.S. Residencies in 2024 Match

Bangalore, India (April 4, 2024) — St. George’s University (SGU) School of Medicine in Grenada, the Caribbean announced that more than 930 of its students and graduates have secured post-graduate residencies at health centers around the United States in the 2024 match cycle.

This marks the 10th consecutive year in which SGU has been the largest provider of new doctors to first-year U.S. post-graduate residencies. Notably, among these successful matches are 23 Indian students who have earned placements in residency programs across the United States.


Dr. Marios Loukas, Dean of the St. George’s University School of Medicine said: “Match Day is a pivotal moment in a new doctor’s career. The entire St. George’s University community looks forward to this day, and together we congratulate this remarkable class of medical students on their success.”

SGU students and graduates matched into residences in 22 specialties across 40 states and the District of Columbia.2 St. George’s University graduates will begin residency programs in several highly competitive specialties, ranging from urology and neurology to emergency medicine and pediatrics.

“Each one of these matched students represents the next step in a dream come true, and each one is a vital addition to the availability of care, and to the medical professional community,” said Dr. Loukas.

“I was absolutely thrilled to discover that I had secured a spot at my top-choice residency program. This achievement feels like the realization of a long-held dream. As a non-US citizen, the challenge of securing residency in the US can be daunting, but SGU’s extensive network of hospital affiliations gave me invaluable opportunities to connect with physicians across various specialties, facilitating a strong reputation in the medical community,” said Varshita Tumkur Panduranga, MD’24, speaking about her Match Day experience. “Engaging in the intellectually stimulating realm of internal medicine, I aim to master deductive reasoning to deliver optimal care. The hospital where I have matched serves an underserved population, and I am eager to work in that environment and make a meaningful impact on their lives.”

Since 2015, St. George’s University has been the largest provider of new doctors to the U.S. healthcare system annually. 1 More than two-thirds of SGU graduates enter primary care specialties, and a number of SGU alumni work in medically underserved areas.

“St. George’s University graduates have been meeting the medical needs of communities across the United States for decades,” Dr. Loukas said. “We look forward to seeing all the great things that this newest class of SGU graduates will accomplish.”


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