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KidZania honors Mother’s Day by highlighting positive parenting abilities for young influencers

Delhi NCR, 13 th May 2024: KidZania India celebrated the occasion of Mother’s Day by hosting its fourth edition of “Mommy Zummit” in honor of all the Zuper mothers. The event took place on Sunday, 12th May 2024 at both its Mumbai and Delhi NCR parks, in association with Mompreneur Circle, India’s most trusted community for married women and mothers in business.

 Over 100+ mothers and mom bloggers attended this invite-only event at each of the parks. The event started with some recreational activities for mothers. Like every year, the Mommy Zummit included a panel discussion where women experts from different fields shared the nuisances of their industry, experiences, challenges and guidance through real-life stories and situations. The esteemed panelists included a mix of experts such as entrepreneurs, academicians, influencers, and medical practitioners, amongst others. The invited mothers came along with their children who explored the role-play activities in the parks.

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 The panel at KidZania Mumbai explored the theme ‘Raising Children in the Digital Age’. It featured Dr. Priyanka Tibrewala, Positive Parenting & Holistic Life Coach, Dr. Smita Bisen, MBBS, MD & Founder of UniShakti Healthcare Leader, Dr. Sunila Joy Chauhan, Educationist & Advisor at OMOTEC and Ms. Jaya Bhura, Co-Founder & Director of Chakraview. The session was moderated by Ms. Pooja Sedani, the Founder of School’OClock & Strategic Business Partner at GSLC and Education Ambassador at EdCrawler.

 The esteemed panel delved into the ever-changing dynamics of the digital world and explored the opportunities and challenges that come along, not only for children’s holistic growth but also for mothers to navigate through a new landscape. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Priyanka Tibrewala noted the importance of differentiating between a tech-savvy and a tech-wise kid. Dr. Sunila Joy Chauhan underscored the significance of not losing the personal bond between a mother and a child while learning together. Dr. Smita Bisen urged the mothers to prioritize the healthy habits of children by balancing screen time and physical activities and encouraged them to promote open communication with children to foster mental well-being in a digital world. According to Ms. Jaya Bhura, technology can be both a playground and a minefield for children. She also underlined the safety measures that need to be practiced while exposing children to the world of the web.

 The panel at KidZania Delhi NCR explored the theme ‘Positive Parenting: Skills Mothers Need to Learn to Raise the Future Generations’. It featured Dr. Shivani Khetan, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Ms. Deepannita Chakraborty, Parent Coach, Child Psychologist, Public Speaker, Edupreneur and the session was moderated by Latika Wadhwa, Founder & CEO- Mompreneur Circle.

 The distinguished panel explored the complex dynamics of the bond between mother and child, emphasizing their ongoing journey of mutual growth and development. According to Ms. Deepannita Chakraborty, a respected parent coach and child psychologist, positive parenting isn’t about attaining perfection but rather fostering an environment favourable to children’s growth. Ms. Mona Mehra, the Founder of Vision Search & Familymaker Awards, emphasized the value of parents immersing themselves in new skills alongside their children to strengthen familial bonds. Dr. Shivani Khetan, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, underscored the significance of nurturing emotional intelligence within the parent-child dynamic, advocating for the management of emotions and empathetic understanding. Moreover, the panel addressed the challenges faced by mothers balancing work and childcare responsibilities, drawing inspiration from the real-life triumphs of women who have shattered barriers.

 Both panels addressed the challenges faced by mothers balancing work and childcare responsibilities, drawing inspiration from the real-life triumphs of women who have shattered barriers.

 Speaking of the event Mr. Rahul Dhamdhere, Chief Marketing Officer, KidZania India, said, “As we celebrate Mother’s Day, we’re excited to host the fourth edition of Mommy Zummit, dedicated to honoring the superheroes of our lives – Zuper mothers. At KidZania, we appreciate mothers’ hard work and see ourselves as partners in empowering future generations. Mommy Zummit aims to create memorable experiences for mothers and children to bond, learn, and have fun together. This event is our way of supporting and nurturing the vital community of mothers.”


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