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Khaitan & Co unveils KAI, a revolutionary leap in legal innovation

New Delhi, 04 April 2024: In a strategic move towards innovation and tech integration, Khaitan & Co, a leading full-service law firm, has unveiled ask.KAI and DocInsight as part of its artificial intelligence (AI) initiative, KAI (Khaitan & Co AI). The initiative represents a strategic integration of AI across the firm’s operations, aimed at enhancing efficiency, augmenting professional capabilities, and leading innovation in the legal domain.

Rohit Shukla, Chief Digital Officer, Khaitan & Co stated, “The launch of ask.KAI and DocInsight represents a significant step in our commitment to transform legal practices through innovative AI solutions. Its approach combines a unique self-learning architecture, prompt standardisation and a meticulously curated database, that can set a new standard for legal innovation in India.”

At its core, KAI deploys high-impact AI applications that streamline legal processes and elevate client service. It leverages Microsoft Cloud and Azure OpenAI Services for enhanced security and reliability.

ask.KAI is a virtual generative AI assistant that allows secure testing of conversational Large Language Model (LLM). Since it’s firm-wide launch, ask.KAI has engaged multiple unique users with different user prompts submitted. The tool will provide continuous workforce training, embed AI within workflows through process re-engineering, and ensure rigorous data privacy and compliance protocols, actively collaborating with clients to co-create solutions, and foster a culture of experimentation from the executive level.

DocInsight is a proprietary retrieval-augmented generative AI solution. It enables foundational LLM models to provide accurate responses even for specialised topics that may not be present in the original training data. DocInsight augments responses to user queries with relevant structured data from our comprehensive data and knowledge platform, and user specified databases to provide contextual and tailored answers attuned to nuances.

Khaitan & Co plans to automate tasks and empower legal professionals, thereby ushering in a new era of legal transformation. Leveraging its comprehensive AI integration strategy, advanced data analytics, and customized AI solutions, KAI aims to responsibly leverage AI while harnessing the firm’s knowledge, continuously training its users on ethical AI usage and improving clients’ service experience.


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