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Kannada Nadi: Spotlight on Rural Karnataka – Premiering on News18 Kannada

News18 Kannada launches ‘Kannada Nadi’ a groundbreaking news show dedicated to delivering timely and accurate news from rural Karnataka. The show premieres every night at 8.00 PM featuring authentic stories of Kannada-speaking rural communities, addressing the real concerns and issues affecting the daily lives of rural Kannadigas.

kannada nandi

With dedication to accurate and timely news delivery, Kannada Nadi strives to be the go-to news source for rural Kannadigas. The show aims to amplify local voices and keep viewers informed about what matters most to them in their communities. The show will focus on providing accurate and extensive rural coverage, capturing stories from every village and town for a comprehensive view of rural Karnataka.

Kannada Nadi strives to be the most trusted news source for rural Kannadigas aiming to deliver accurate, timely, and relevant information in the region.


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